Podcast Inglês Online

Podcast Inglês Online

2019: A year in review!

December 24, 2019

Hi. What's up? No episódio de hoje, falo um pouco sobre como foi o ano de 2019 aqui no Inglês Online, assim como o que vem por aí. Enjoy!
Hello, listener. How are you? This is the new episode of our podcast. Thank you to everyone who has left a review! If you're a listener - if you are especially a regular listener of the Inglês Online podcast and if you can spare a minute or two, please head over to the Podcasts app on your iPhone or Android phone and leave a review. I really appreciate it. Thank you!

So this is the last episode for 2019. The podcast is coming back in January - the plan is first week of January but before we wrap 2019, I just wanted to say that this has been a special year. First of all, because I relaunched our Curso Básico, and you guys... It's better than ever. I've had a great group -people are making a lot of progress in their English and we will have the pre-intermediate coming up... And obviously new groups for the Curso Básico, which is the first module, right? It's really the elementary level.

And before I launched the course earlier this year, I made a series of three video classes teaching you a bit of English. Do you remember the classes? Did you watch them? I talked a lot about the 'possessive pronouns' hers, theirs and mine. And anyone who watched those classes got a lot of exposure to those.

These little words are some of my absolute favourite things to teach because I know that people go through years and years of English so-called 'learning', and they come out of it not knowing these words, let alone speaking them naturally.

I love teaching all those little words that sort of appear here and there in English lessons when you are going to English school and doing a course. But they're never... you never hear them enough if you're doing only the English classes. If all your exposure to English comes from going to English classes twice a week, you never get enough exposure to really absorb these little words. That's why I really enjoy focusing on them, because I know that people listening to these classes and watching these classes are going to get a lot out of it.

Anyway, I hope you had the chance to catch those video classes while they were still up on the website and I hope you've continued to listen to English. I guess you have - if you're listening to this podcast right now. And by the way, our podcast has come back full force this year, after a break. I'm doing it in a different way now: before, I used to write the podcast and prepare, and revise before I recorded it...

Whereas now, I'm doing it in much more of a... impromptu way, that is - just sort of winging it. It's not true that I wing it a hundred percent of the time. Sometimes I scribble down some thoughts before I record the episode but overall it's a lot more spontaneous than it used to be. As a result, I think the speed has been going up and down. Sometimes I talk a bit more slowly but there have been times where I talked a lot faster. You let me know what you think - you let me know if you think I'm talking too fast or if the speed is okay for you.

One other really cool thing this year is.. our collection of basic English tips has expanded like crazy . Actually it has been expanding for the past few years thanks to the amazing work of professor Marcelo, who's part of the Inglês Online team. I know this is the podcast, I know that you're probably not a basic English learner anymore, but hey - if you'd like to have a review about basic vocabulary just head over to the Inglês Básico section of the website and you'll see some pretty cool tips. And most of them have audio as well.

This is it you guys. Just wanted to do a little recap and let you guys know that the podcast is coming back early January... And thank you all for listening and for sharing, and for letting me know what you think,