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Podcast Inglês Online

Podcast: Pizza delivery

November 18, 2019

How's it going? No podcast de hoje, falo sobre entrega de pizza (ou qualquer outra comida). Enjoy :-)
Hello! Hi, how are you? How have you been? What's up? This is Ana Luiza with another episode of the Inglês Online Podcast. Very happy to announce that we have finally straightened out the situation with the podcast feed on the Podcasts app for iOS. You can now subscribe to this podcast on your iPhone or on your iPad using the Podcasts app... Very happy about that -  everything working...

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This week I'm talking about delivery, food delivery. And this is because a podcast listener sent me an email a couple of weeks ago and asked me "Ana, can you do a podcast about food delivery? What's the vocabulary involved?" So... cool! How do we start? Let's say you're home, and you're hungry and obviously you don't want to go out. You feel a bit lazy or maybe... I don't know, it's Sunday night and you're kind of winding down, getting ready for Monday. Let's order in, let's say you say to your... whatever... your husband or wife or your friend, your roommate, let's order in. "How about we order in instead of going out to eat? Let's order in, let's order some pizza".

You go online, maybe you have their... their printed menus, the menus from the pizza place. Or maybe you don't. You go online, you find them online, you go to their website and you see their delivery menu... or their takeout menu. You have a look - let's say this is you and your roommate. Let's say you're in college and you share a flat with your roommate. You guys have a look at the online menu... "What are we ordering?"

Let's say, pineapple and turkey or just mozzarella with a bit of tomato sauce. You've decided on what you want, you grab your phone, you dial the number and you call the pizza place. The person at the pizza place... answers your call and you say: Hi, hi, I'd like to place an order, please. It can be as simple as that: you want to place an order for delivery... Or you could say: I'd like to order a pizza. And then that person will usually ask you: Is this delivery or takeout? Because usually places that do delivery... food places that deliver - they also do takeout.

What is takeout? That's when you go over to the food place - to the restaurant! And you order the food that you want but, instead of sitting down at one of the tables and enjoying your meal there, you take it out. They make your food, they wrap it up, you pay for it and then you take it home with you. The person taking your order will probably ask you: Is this delivery or takeout? And then you say: well... it's for delivery. And then they will say: Do we have your address? Or, "What is your address, please?" Or "Can I have your address, please?"

And you tell them your address and then that person will ask: What would you like? And then you tell them: I'd like the mozzarella with tomato sauce or turkey and pineapple. Half and half, let's say. And then the person taking the call will make a note and they will tell you what your total is, or you can ask them: How much is it? What's the total? And they will tell you: Your total is... let's say eight dollars fifty, $8,50. And you can ask them: How long will that be? Meaning: how long will it take for you to make my pizza and bring it over to me, and they can say: "Well... that'll be 15 to 20 minutes".

And then you could ask them: "Do you take cash? Can I pay the delivery person? Or should I use my credit card and pay now ove...