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46 Scientists for Future – with Thomas Loew
May 09, 2020

The initial statement of Scientists for Future in support of Fridays for Future came out just at the right time. In the public debate, it was a swift response to politicians who were trying to mute the student strikes by telling them to "leave it to th...

45 Animal Research During the COVID-19 Lockdown – with B&D and Daniela Buchwald
March 24, 2020

In this episode, Bart and I invited PhD candidate Daniela Buchwald from the German Primate Center – a private research institute. We compare how the University of Göttingen and the German Primate Center (GPC) responded to the impending shutdown of most...

44 Green Biotechnology – with David Spencer
March 16, 2020

Dennis’s guest for this episode is David Spencer, a researcher in plant physiology and phytopathology in Germany. In his Ph.D., David uses genetic engineering to fortify soybeans against fungal infection. They explain why

43 Extended Throwback: Genetically Modified Crops and the European Union – with Hélène Pidon
March 10, 2020

During this season, once every 4 weeks, I pick one of the 13 most popular episodes from the first two years and post the original interview. These extended editions contain a couple of parts that didn’t make it into the final cut and give an insight in...

42 Entering Year Three, Dawkins and Eugenics & Ranking Unis – with Bart and Dennis
March 01, 2020

This episode marks the official end of the second year of this podcast! (unfortunately, there was still no present for Bart - consider becoming a Patron to help!) Apart from the plans for year 3, Bart & Dennis discussed the hot topic of the

41 @RealScientists Tweet their SciComm – with Upulie Divisekera
February 09, 2020

For this episode, Dennis talked to Upulie Divisekera, the Australian molecular biologist and accomplished science communicator who co-founded “@RealScientists”. She shares how she got access to platforms with large audiences,

40 What does Society Think about Science? – B&D
January 29, 2020

In this episode, Bart and I talk about Wissenschaftsbarometer or “science barometer”. This annual survey in Germany and Switzerland is about the public’s trust in science and scientists. Afterward, we talk about a similar survey in the USA,

39 From Cosy(?) Academia to Harsh(?) Industry! – with John Stowers
January 05, 2020

Life as an Early Career Researcher is rather uncertain. The conditions for most postdocs aren’t really great and the availability of professorships isn’t increasing at the same rate as the number of PhDs entering the academic career path - we talk abou...

38 A Split in the Human Species: ANYA the Movie – with Carylanna Taylor and Jacob Okada
November 24, 2019

In this episode, I talk about the science fiction movie ANYA with its creators, Anthropologist Dr. Carylanna Taylor, and Jacob Okada of First Encounter Productions (not a sponsor). The plot of ANYA could happen today!

37 NOT IN MY BACKYARD! – with Bart and Dennis
November 18, 2019

After an unforgivable delay this episode is finally out. We had some personal and technical delays. Sorry about that. Anyways, in this episode Bart and I continue a conversation about the Energiewende. Based on the latest episode we spoke about whic...