Clammr WordPress Plugin Supported by PowerPress

Today RawVoice / Blubrry announced the integration of the Clammr WordPress Plugin with PowerPress as a social-sharing option for podcast audiences. Clammr is an application that provides bite-sized audio clips that highlight what audiences need or want. And now Clammr has an add-on plugin for the Blubrry PowerPress plugin that helps audiences cut through the noise and find great audio whenever they wish.

“Blubrry’s mission has always been to provide podcasters ways to grow their shows and expand their social presence,” said Todd Cochrane, CEO of RawVoice, Blubrry’s parent company. “Clammr’s support is part of the Blubrry mission to increase the social sharing capabilities of the PowerPress plugin.”




Clammr Audio Sharing Plugin is embedded within the Blubrry player and allows podcasters and listeners to share a segment of their audio on social networks. Web-based users now have the same features as those that are using the Clammr mobile application. The share button posts an audio highlight that is playable natively in Facebook and/or Twitter with a link back to the full podcast.

The integration in PowerPress 6.2 provides the ability to add features independent of the plugin and yet be fully integrated. Podcasters simply install the Clammr plugin and enable the function in PowerPress.

“Audience growth is the top issue that podcasters cite when discussing where they they would like to see improvements in their experience. We are thrilled to partner with Blubrry to enable social sharing of great podcast moments directly from the PowerPress player,” said Parviz Parvizi, co-founder of Clammr. “Podcasters who have enabled the Clammr sharing feature in their Web audio players have seen ten-times the plays for every highlight that their listeners share to their social networks.”

In its effort to support the power of podcasting, Blubrry is open to working with teams building add-on plugins that are compatible with PowerPress, Cochrane said. The Blubrry team greatly appreciates Clammr’s support the plugin and hopes for more social platforms to foster relationships such as this.

“Blubrry and PowerPress have been trailblazers from the very earliest days when podcasting was born. It’s only fitting that PowerPress is continuing to innovate by enabling podcasters to use Clammr to bring a social and viral element to their audio for the first time,” Parvizi said.