Playing Games with Strangers

Playing Games with Strangers

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33: Ixnay on the Adowshay
September 20, 2021

The rescue attempt for Aelin continues while Caleb's crunchy potions give Orbog visions of hidden secrets. Wilder's increased drinking has its consequences. Ambient music by PixabayPlaying Games with Strangers Theme by Steve Arthur

32: Caleb’s Crunchy Potions
September 13, 2021

With a cracked soul crystal in their possession, The Party must determine if and how they can get Aelin and her body back. Meanwhile, Wilder's past continues to haunt him and Orbog samples some crunchy potions from Caleb in Daggerford. Ambient music by

Insight Check: JS Earls
September 06, 2021

Welcome to a new series we're doing here at Playing Games with Strangers HQ (PGwSHQ?!) wherein Kate Czerwinski sits down with each of the cast members and gets to know them better! The first installment features Orbog himself, JS Earls, who also happen

31: Party Pooter
August 30, 2021

Pough comes up with yet another crazy idea, this time around getting Aelin back, and utter chaos ensues.

30: Who’s The Short One?
August 23, 2021

A friendly face meets up with The Party and it seems there's a lot to catch up on.

29: A Non-Lethal Conversation
August 16, 2021

The Party's attempt to retrieve Pough's soul from Jadis continues.

28: I Want My Pough Back
August 09, 2021

As Pough's body is shoved through a door after making a deal with the hag Jadis, the party must decide their next steps. Episode Engineer: JS Earls

BONUS: Ask Us Anything – Livestream
August 02, 2021

We opened up the internet airwaves and you asked us questions about Playing Games with Strangers. Did we answer them? Of course! Why wouldn't we?! A huge thanks to our Patrons - Geek Devotions, Andrew C Peckham, and The CelCast - and those who showed u

July 29, 2021

Yeah! We're going to let the entire world watch us play Dungeons & Dragons! You should come to! It all starts at 8PM Eastern/5PM Pacific over at so don't miss it! We'll know if you don't show up!

27: Journey to Pough’s Corner
July 26, 2021

Having taken down a 20-foot-tall undead guy who likes to throw dead bodies from his belly, The Party heads to a possible place of safety from Zaos: the Bugbear village. Episode Engineer: JS Earls Playing Games with Strangers Theme by Steven Arthur