Playful and Confident

Playful and Confident

Anastazia from Seattle

August 17, 2015

Age: 27
Occupation: Actress and model
Interests: Teaching ASL on my YouTube channel (Annah Minx), Waist training, Dancing, Kicking butt in Mario Kart, Hanging out with friends
Show Overview:

In this episode we meet Anastazia from Seattle and get to talking about:

How her passion for line dancing can be a good workout and a place to meet exciting people.
How the Bean Boozled Challenge made her gag and how Jelly Belly has some really disgusting flavors mixed in with all the good ones. Its like Russian Roulette with jelly beans and the worst one she had tasted like dog food.
Why she has more guy friends and prefers doing outdoor activities like hiking and fishing to getting her hair or nails done.
Why a laid back man is more attractive to her.
How dating can be scary from the womans perspective and the kinds of things she worries about when on a date.
Her worst date experience ever when her friend pulled a bait-and-switch on her and she offers suggestions on how he could actually have made it a really fun date instead.
The most attractive way to lead a woman.
How her two strikes rule keeps the jerks out of her life.
The importance of honesty online and the differences between the way people act online and in person can be shocking.
That looks are not everything if you can make her laugh and why that is important.
What happened on her most successful first date and why his strong and respectful personality won her over by putting her at ease .
How some men take confidence too far to force an agenda and how relaxing and enjoying yourself to see how things progress naturally make for a much more successful date.
Being a dork can get her attention and how her love of nerdy guys and video games came about.
The best lesson she learned from her previous relationship and how defining boundaries early is important for a relationship.
How her only friend with benefits situation did not end well and was based on physical attraction only.
The one time she made the first move on a guy and how that worked out for her.
The one big expectation that is different for women.
Why good conversations skills are important to building a lasting connection.