PJ and Pals Podcast

PJ and Pals Podcast

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#57 - Lyle Travis "GOAT TALK!"
November 05, 2020

One of my closet pals rejoins the podcast to discuss who is the GOAT of MMA. 

#57 Josh O'Connor returns!
September 30, 2020

Josh O'Connor of Arms Race Productions returns to PJ and Pals to talk about how the UFC and MMA world could improve in there marketing of fighters. We also talk movies, Ninja turtles and more! 

#56 Zach McGibbon "Wrestling and camping!"
September 15, 2020

This episode of PJ and Pals features Zach McGibbon hose of "This Is Wrestling" Podcast on TSN 1200.Zach is a good friend and extremely intelligent. Hope you enjoy, please like and subscribe, leave a rating, and tell a friend.

55 - Matt Dips "We're back!"
September 07, 2020

The PJ and Pals is back, post apocolypse! This is the good bye podcast with Matt Dips as he takes off for a new adventure. We also talk NHL, NBA bubble playoffs and more!!

#54 - Eric B & Griff "Anyone Can Cook"
April 29, 2020

Pj and Pals in quarantine are joined by two amazing guests. Eric Brennan chef and founder of "Social Distancing Dishes" and Matt Griff Harvard student.Eric B and Griff and I went to high school together and we get together to talk about cooking,

PJ and Pals- "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle" 30th Anniversary Special!
March 30, 2020

I'm joined by two all-stars of the PJ and Pals Podcast to talk about my favourite movie of all time. The live-action TMNT 1990 movie. We talk about our favourite moments, some funny mistakes in the movie, the history of it and some fun facts! Hope yo

#52 - Matt Dips "Peeing In front of your wife!"
February 20, 2020

Title speaks for itself really..... Matt Dips returns to the Pals podcast to talk XFL, NHL, UFC, Movies and of course, urinating in from of our spouses! Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening. 

#51 - Jenna Mosher
January 29, 2020

In episode 51 of the PJ and Pals podcast, @JennaTmo joins the show to talk about being nominated for "Podcast of the Year" with her Jesse and Jennas Messy podcast!We also talk about what needs to change in the radio industry and lots more. I hop

#50 - David Aguzzi "Grappling Industries"
January 22, 2020

David Aguzzi the CEO and founder of one of the largest grappling organizations in the world "Grappling Industries" David joins me on the show to talk about Grappling Industries World Championships in Texas this summer, as well as all their upcom

#49 - Nick B "Decade Review Part 2"
January 15, 2020

Part 2 of Nick and PJ's breakdown of 2010-2019. We talk about our favourite movies and tv shows from 2015-2019 in this episode as well as our favourite sporting moments from the past decade. Hope you enjoy and let us know your favourite albums, movie