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Soft Hunting, "Come Correct", Oo La Lollapalooza
May 15, 2020

Since we're all stuck inside, I figured, HECK! Why not post another delightfully silly episode of Pitches to keep you company and make you feel like you're hangin' out with some good ol' friends. It

Cargo Socks, Vibe Perfume, "Noisey's"
April 24, 2020

My beautiful patrons of the listening arts, art thou still there?! Hello? Echo!? Siri, would you please tell Google to tell Alexa to tell my audience I'm sorry I haven't uploaded a new episode in a y

"Booze-Tan Lotion, Kraft water singles, Catroulette (for lonely cats only)"
March 11, 2019

   Back at it again with another installment of the ever so quippy and brainstormingly delightful Pitches.  This week we got Travis Broyles back in the hotseat as well as my friend and the illustrious podcast guru Noel Brown (Stuff They Don't Want You To.

"gesundtoot, femmeatrix, montage"
February 25, 2019

   Bonjourno dear patrons of podcast jubilation!  We apologize for the delay!  Welcome back.  This week on Pitches, more irreverence and dry whit keeps the ol' wood burnin' up in the brain fireplace and makes for good ha-ha's and he-he's.  Ideas for the .

"Candlabyrinth, Shaken not Stirred, Make Ventura"
February 07, 2019

  Annnnnnd we're back.   Join me again for another riveting bout of juicy mind fodder with two fellas that most certainly got the gift for gab.  This week we all had movies pitches!  Follow us on instagram and twitter and all the things!  @pitchespodcast.

'Blow-pro, truth party, karaoke etiquette handbook'
January 29, 2019

 Heather and Adron sit down with me to pitch more irreverence on this weeks, Pitches.  To send in your own pitches and potentially be featured on our "Pitches from the Public" segment, email us at  pitchespodcast@gmail.com!  and follow us on instagram an.

"whaling, applesauce pop-ups, literal drone band"
January 22, 2019

  Feast your ears on this weeks Pitches where Henry and Danny join me on another off the cuff escapade of bantering bliss.  

"carnies, cid candles, consoli-dating"
January 15, 2019

First episode of Pitches, a podcast about ideas. You ready? We're ready. We think. Put your comedy pants on and jump on in!