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Pickle Planet Podcast

Pandemic weight gain? You're not alone!

November 02, 2020

If you, like me, have gained 'The COVID 19' (kind of like the Freshman 15 back in university, but this time it's later in life, it's sitting heavier around the middle & in your thoughts, & there's no end in sight) do NOT feel alone or lost.

Some sources suggest at least a third of adults have gained weight during 2020 as we deal with a toxic combination of emotional eating and sedentary lifestyle.

To help us navigate back towards a healthy relationship with eating, we invited Jillian Reid to the podcast studio.

Jillian is a Moncton-based registered dietitian, with a focus on supporting women & children. She offers support & programs relating to fertility, pre & post natal care, breastfeeding, digestive health, snack & meal ideas, and much more. You can find Jillian on Facebook & Instagram, and at Reconnect Health Centre.

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