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Pick of the Flicks

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No Country For Old Men w/filmmaker Dan Pringle
September 02, 2020

On this week's FINAL EPISODE, filmmaker Dan Pringle joins the podcast to chat about his own dark thriller K-SHOP and his recent near-miss on ambitious sci-fi movie A PATRIOT. Then we discuss his favourite movie of all-time – the Coen Brothers’ Western...

Shaun of the Dead w/journalist and podcaster Sophie Davies
August 26, 2020

We've got red on us this week, as the journalist and podcaster Sophie Davies discusses noughties comedy classic Shaun of the Dead. The first film of the Cornetto Trilogy is a blood-soaked zombie movie with an ultra-smart script and great performances...

Radio On w/Bait filmmaker Mark Jenkin
August 19, 2020

This week, we're heading on a road trip through 1970s Britain and its music. British filmmaker Mark Jenkin chats about four of his short films, arriving on BFI Player, as well as the success of his terrific BAIT. He then discusses his favourite movie...

Cabaret w/Perfect 10 filmmaker Eva Riley
August 12, 2020

We're stepping into the smoky nightlife of 1930s Berlin on this week's podcast as Eva Riley chats to me about her brilliant new British drama Perfect 10 and then gets musical to chat about Bob Fosses

The Purge Anarchy w/critic Shona Harding
August 05, 2020

This week, violence unfolds on the streets as film critic Shona Harding discusses the chaotic bloodshed of THE PURGE: ANARCHY. James DeMonacos follow-up to low-budget hit THE PURGE struck a real chor

A Woman Under the Influence w/filmmaker Xinyi Zhu
July 29, 2020

We're delving into the work of a master this week on the podcast, as Xinyi Zhu discusses her choice of favourite movie John Cassavetes drama A WOMAN UNDER THE INFLUENCE. Theres plenty to dig into,

Stella Dallas w/Lynn + Lucy director Fyzal Boulifa
July 22, 2020

We're delving into class warfare on this week's podcast as filmmaker Fyzal Boulifa discusses his terrific British drama LYNN + LUCY and his favourite movie director King Vidors melodrama STELLA DAL

Memories of Murder w/filmmaker Albert Shin
July 15, 2020

The podcast joins the Bong-hive this week as DISAPPEARANCE AT CLIFTON HILL director Albert Shin chats about his own film and then reveals his love for Bong Joon-hos twisty true crime tale MEMORIES OF

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind w/director Eliza Schroeder
July 08, 2020

Jim Carrey gets serious on this week's podcast as filmmaker Eliza Schroeder discusses the London affection and delicious mirror-glazed cakes of her new movie LOVE SARAH, and her favourite film ever: Michel Gondry and Charlie Kaufman’s memory-exploring...

The Mummy (1999) w/Em from Verbal Diorama
July 01, 2020

We're unwrapping the bandages on a 90s romp this week as Em from the Verbal Diorama podcast stops by to reveal her love for Stephen Sommers's blockbuster take on THE MUMMY. We discuss the brilliance of Rachel Weisz’s character, the demise of the...