Physics World Weekly Podcast

Physics World Weekly Podcast

A passion for building instrumentation, and a hint of dark matter in dwarf galaxies

May 23, 2024

In this episode of the Physics World Weekly podcast we chat with Lily Ellis-Gibbings, who is a higher scientist at the UK’s National Physical Laboratory. She talks about her passion for building scientific instrumentation for fields as diverse as radiotherapy, astrochemistry and mass spectrometry. Ellis-Gibbings also shares her top tips for physics students who aspire to careers in instrumentation.

Also in this episode, the astrophysicist Alex McDaniel talks about a new study of dwarf galaxies. While at Clemson University in the US, McDaniel and colleagues observed evidence that dark-matter particles in the galaxies are annihilating to create gamma-rays. While well below the statistical threshold to be called a discovery, the observation provides a tantalizing hint about the nature of dark matter.


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