Physics World Stories Podcast

Physics World Stories Podcast

Finding solace in the stars

February 24, 2023

A new film Space, Hope and Charity tells the story of Charity Woodrum, an astrophysicist whose childhood dream of working for NASA was nearly derailed by a personal tragedy. Woodrum is now studying for a doctorate in galaxy quenching at the University of Arizona using data from the James Webb Space Telescope. She joins this episode of the Physics World Stories podcast to speak about finding purpose in academic research, and her gratitude to the colleagues who helped her through the darkest moments.

Podcast host Andrew Glester is also joined by the film’s director Sandy Cummings, a broadcast journalist with more than 20 years of experience working for NBC News. Cummings says she is drawn to stories of people facing huge challenges, and the quest for hope and purpose.

Space, Hope and Charity aired at this year’s American Astronomical Society annual meeting in Seattle, US. Its official premiere is at the Phoenix Film Festival with three screenings and Q&A sessions over three days, 31 March – 2 April 2023. See the trailer on YouTube.