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Trust the process: Fenix Property Group is Philly's trusted developer next door
October 13, 2020

25 bought and sold flips in Brewerytown and 45 more projects underway, Aaron and Mike of Fenix Property Group have sold to friends and family alike while providing neighboring contractors steady work in a changing pocket of the city.

Five years in with Full Court Development: from a math teacher to managing 25 projects at a time
September 22, 2020

Hear from Aron Cohen as he discusses building his team, working in opportunity funds, and moving forward in a covid marketplace.

Financing 101: How to get a mortgage and more with Rob Wishnick of Guaranteed Rate
August 08, 2020

A must listen for first time borrowers looking for mortgage financing. Rob Wishnick covers credit, terms, refinancing, and more on this essential real estate podcast episode.

Beauty and the Brickhouse: Julia Choseed makes real estate development look easy.
July 31, 2020

Savvy, compassionate, and capable are three words that come to mind when listening to Julia Choseed, who started with a few dollars and determination to build herself a 21 unit RE portfolio. Her design sense is both eclectic and on trend, and her apprecia

Vertical growth and market niches with Logan Kramer of Design Pro Development
June 15, 2020

At 25 years old, Logan Kramer shares his rapid growth story from a leasing agent student at Temple to multifamily developer in Brewerytown and Strawberry Mansion with nearly 500 units in play.

Building big with Tester Construction
May 31, 2020

Ten years of mastering his craft as an employee allowed Mike Tester to make quite the splash now with his team at Tester Construction. Find out what he's building during the great pause of 2020.

Community development and long term growth with Tioga Park Development Group.
May 14, 2020

Rahat Kamal and Justin John discuss their development plans for Tioga/Nicetown, navigating the Philadelphia building community, and share their personal stories with the city.

Real estate hustle: Started at the bottom now we're building multi-family properties.
April 02, 2020

Starting with sweat equity, Axe Philly chops into building a development company in the city, the importance of investor capital, and mentors in a city with high barriers to entry.

Zero to sixty in three years: Zatos investments shares their growth story in Philadelphia
March 27, 2020

Kathryn hears from local developer Zatos Investments, based out of the Graduate Hospital neighborhood in Philadelphia. Listen to their history in real estate, hear how they grew quickly into large scale developments and see where they're headed next! Proj

Philly Proper (Trailer)
March 26, 2020