Emma & Tom Talk Teaching (formerly the PGCE Podcast)

Emma & Tom Talk Teaching (formerly the PGCE Podcast)

PGCE Research Bites 4: Reading for Pleasure to Enhance Pupil Wellbeing with Lydia Bundy

May 07, 2021

PGCE research bites 4 features Lydia Bundy, a student teacher on our PGCE Primary programme, and also a guest appearance by Jo Bowers from the primary team.

Lydia researched into the Reading for Pleasure pedagogy, something that Jo has talked to us in detail about on the podcast in the past, and its potential for enhancing the wellbeing of primary pupils. In this research bite she runs through her findings and conclusions. Jo, meanwhile, gives us some perspective from the point of view of a primary specialist and a Reading for Pleasure veteran!

Lydia's six main literature sources were: