Emma & Tom Talk Teaching

Emma & Tom Talk Teaching

Tackling the Gender Gap in Mathematics with Cameron Stewart

March 05, 2021

Our guest today is Cameron Stewart, who runs the PGCE secondary mathematics programme here at Cardiff Met. He's come to talk to us about research he's carried out into strategies for closing the gender gap in mathematics. Maths is a subject that can sometimes feel like it needs an image makeover - why, we ask Cameron, is it so socially acceptable to say you're bad at it?! And how do we try and dispel the genuine fear that very intelligent people often experience when faced with maths?

Cameron's got a number of practical strategies for us, and outlines his thoughts about the subject more widely. For anyone who wants more maths content, there's a big shoutout to the Mr Barton Maths podcast and his other online resources.

We hope you enjoy the discussion, and even if you're not a maths specialist, there's plenty here to get you thinking about gender differences and how to create the right ethos in your classroom.

And if you want to experience Cameron's musical side, you can find his band, Session, at www.sessionuk.com, on Twitter @sessionuk and on Instagram @Session.UK!




Recorded remotely on 11th January 2021