People, Process, Progress

People, Process, Progress

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PPP45: Project Managers Should Take the Purple Pill
August 06, 2020

Inspired by a LinkedIn article I wrote in September 2019, in this brief episode I talk about the contrast between book knowledge (the blue pill), real world (the red pill) and how we can blend these into a "purple pill" of balanced Project Management

PPP44: We Shouldn't Judge What We Don't Understand
August 01, 2020

My thoughts from the road on the pitfalls of Police being judged by people who have never worked the streets and sharing my affirmation and belief in Police after attending a great friend's retirement party after he put in 26 years in Law Enforcement.

PPP43: July 2020 Wrap Up
July 31, 2020

I summarize some of the key points from 'People, Process, Progress' episodes 37 through 42. Thank you all for listening, sharing and subscribing. Godspeed, Kevin

PPP42: Crisis Ready, Crisis Confident with Andrew Owlett, CEO of Data Bulb by Imagineering Labs
July 29, 2020

Andrew Owlett shares his experiences as a First Responder, his transition into Emergency and Crisis Management and how Databulb can provide data driven risk and crisis management planning solutions

PPP41: The CliftonStrengths and Importance of Self-Assurance for Project Managers
July 23, 2020

Translating the CliftonStrengths for "Self-Assurance" to the benefits of being a self-assured Project Manager

PPP40: Foundational 5 Tips for Starting a Podcast
July 17, 2020

Want to start your own podcast? In this episode I share the "Why?' to consider, objectives to be set, show organization considerations, resources needed and communication methodologies to get started podcasting.

PPP39: Ellen Kullman's 4 Crisis Principles and the Foundational Four
July 14, 2020

I share my thoughts on the parallels between the 4 Crisis Principles Ellen Kullman shared on the Masters of Scale podcast to my concept of the "Foundational Four" areas to begin team and organizational success

PPP38: Write Your Own Narrative
July 09, 2020

Don’t hate just because someone tells you to. Don’t vote for someone just because someone tries to guilt you into doing it. We all need to take a breath, a day at the beach and treat each other as humans again.

PPP37: Ours Will be the Example - Kipling's "If" for 2020 America
July 03, 2020

I adapted Kipling's "If" again, but this time with focus on 2020 America and our collective road back

PPP36: June 2020 Wrap Up
July 01, 2020

Quick synopsis of episodes 25 through 35 covering my interview with Eric Canfield, Crisis Intervention Team Training (CIT) and a bunch of Project Management stuff.