Peer Into Recovery

Peer Into Recovery

Episode 1: Trauma-informed Peer Support with Cheryl DeHaven

May 05, 2020

Trauma-Informed Peer Support with Cheryl DeHaven

About the Episode
Date: April 24, 2020
Episode 1: Trauma-Informed Peer Support with Cheryl DeHaven

Trauma-informed peer support allows us the opportunity to build the peer relationship in a way that keeps both the individual and the peer recovery specialist (PRS) who is offering support safe. This also allows PRS to set boundaries, so that we can stay in our lane as peer recovery specialists and not drift into dialogue that needs clinical support versus the non-clinical support that peer recovery specialists are trained to provide.

Key Topics

Setting boundaries within the peer support relationship
Incorporating trauma-informed care into your daily work
Trauma-informed peer support and resiliency resources

Cheryl DeHaven is a person in long term recovery who has 34 years of experience in the behavioral health field. First, as a person utilizing behavioral health services throughout her adult life, secondly, as a professional leader in the development of peer support and recovery services within local, state and national organizations. Her professional journey took off in 2003, when she became a national trainer of the National Alliance on Mental Illness’ signature program “In Our Own Voice.” In 2007, she graduated from Old Dominion University, BS in Human Services Counseling. In 2016, she became a Virginia Certified Peer Recovery Specialist and most recently, a DBHDS Peer Recovery Specialist trainer. Currently, Cheryl is completing her certification as a professional life and leadership coach through the International Coaching Federation, she is working as an independent contractor with Integration Solutions and serving as the Mental Health America of Virginia Warm Line Manager.
Cheryl can be reached by email at  or


T.I.P.S. Trauma-Informed Peer Support, a 6-hour course, contact Cheryl DeHaven
Resilience Action Planning for Peers, a trauma-informed curriculum developed and taught by Dr. Allison Jackson, LCSW

ENGAGING WOMEN IN TRAUMA -INFORMED PEER SUPPORT: A Guidebook by Andrea Blanch, Beth Filson, and Darby Penney 

Free training online from 2014 on Trauma - Informed Peer Support