Pediatric Sports Medicine Podcast

Pediatric Sports Medicine Podcast

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COVID-19 Update: Are Sports Happening This Fall?
August 13, 2020

  COVID-19. It’s August 2020. Months ago, I think we were all hopeful that the virus would be something of the past. But it didn’t go away. Obviously, we could debate all of the reasons why that may be but here we are.

The Sports Pre Participation Exam (PPE)
August 06, 2020

  The sports preparticipation exam. Some love it, some hate it. For athletes it’s a nearly annual ritual. But why do we do it? Are we truly doing it the way we should be doing it? What’s new from the 5th edition that was released in May 2019.

Research Review: Concussions – A Conversation with Dr. Christina Master
July 24, 2020

  This is the second Research Review on the Pediatric Sports Medicine Podcast. Our plan is to continue these on a monthly basis reviewing 2-3 articles with a thematic element to the articles. This month, concussions will be our topic.

AAP Clinical Report — Resistance Training
July 10, 2020

  Resistance Training? Is it good for young athletes? What about some things we hear a lot about? Max lifts? Stunting growth? That kids don’t benefit from strength training until puberty. The American Academy of Pediatrics released last month,

Research Review: Youth Baseball
June 25, 2020

  Welcome to a new feature of the Pediatric Sports Medicine Podcast. Once a month we will have the Research Review, similar to a journal club. There will be a theme to the articles that are reviewed. I’ll bring guests who may be an author of the articl...

Cardiac Considerations for Athletes with COVID-19
May 30, 2020

A new wrinkle in returning to sports following infection with COVID-19 emerged in recent weeks. There is concern about potential effects of the virus on the heart. With sudden cardiac death in athletes a concern for all of us in sports medicine,

Returning to Sports During a Pandemic with Dr. Jason Newland
May 20, 2020

  It’s been a long several months with stay-at-home orders, a lack of consistent nationwide recommendations of what should and should not be done, and a lot of empty gyms and vacant fields. COVID-19 has certainly thrown all of our lives for a loop.

Wilderness Medicine with Dr. Andrew Gregory
May 09, 2020

  Sports Medicine doesn’t just apply to the organized sports we see at a park, field or in a gymnasium. The great outdoors is the greatest playground in existence. Being active with hiking, backcountry running, mountain biking, climbing, and kayaking,

Using Social Media in Pediatric Sports Medicine
April 25, 2020

  Is social media right for you as a physician? Is it worth the hassle? Can it be beneficial to your practice? How can you increase your presence on social media if you already use it? Today on the Pediatric Sports Medicine Podcast,

A Guide to Pediatric Sports Medicine Fellowships
April 18, 2020

  So you are a medical student or resident. You have an interest in sports medicine. You like kids so you think that pediatrics may be the area you want to focus. So what’s next? In this episode of The Pediatric Sports Medicine Podcast,