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Pediatric Sports Medicine Podcast

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Reflections at 50
May 27, 2022

  If I was a cleverer Podcast host, I would have timed this better and had my 50th episode coincide with this. But – alas I’m on episode 47. As I turn 50 today, I wanted to take some time to reflect o

The Adaptive Training Foundation: A Conversation with David Vobora
May 15, 2022

  As sports medicine professionals, we interact with athletes at all levels. I was one of a handful of sports medicine physicians who started from a pediatric background and work with an NFL team as o

The Athlete With Trouble Breathing
April 08, 2022

  Athletes with trouble breathing are nothing new. Obviously, athletes may get winded with deconditioning or just a really hard work out. But what about when it isn’t expected? Commonly we think of as

Iron Deficiency in Athletes
March 26, 2022

  Iron Deficiency is an often under recognized source of reduced performance and fatigue particularly in female athletes. Endurance athletes seem to experience this more commonly, but we certainly do

Life as an Athletic Trainer: National Athletic Training Month 2022
March 13, 2022

  It is March 2022, and it is National Athletic Training Month. Last year we did an episode with 3 athletic trainers with whom I’ve crossed paths and enjoyed it so much I wanted to do that again. Toda

February 27, 2022

  Back pain in the young athlete. It’s something we often don’t think twice about in adults, but in kids, back pain in the active athletic kid is often a different beast. One of the more common condit

On-Air: Building a College Radio Station: The WSUM Story & Remembering Dave Black
February 21, 2022

  On February 22, 2002, at 2:22PM the airwaves of Madison, Wisconsin would never be the same again. College student radio could finally be considered legit and truly legal. Many may not realize that t

Youth Sports Specialization
February 12, 2022

  It’s almost been 2 decades since I entered the world of pediatric sports medicine. It’s been over 30 years since I was in high school sports. The typical 3 sport athlete has certainly become less co

Research Review: Concussion
January 27, 2022

  We are back with our first episode of 2022. Omicron has been running rampant throughout the world. It’s been a busy month away from the podcast for me. The PRiSM meeting is now underway. Unfortunate

PRISM 9th Annual Meeting Preview
December 20, 2021

  We are approaching a little over a month away until the annual PRiSM Society meeting to be held in Houston, Texas. If you aren’t familiar with PRiSM, but listen to this podcast, let me clue you in.