Pediatric Sports Medicine Podcast

Pediatric Sports Medicine Podcast

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How to Communicate with the Media
September 11, 2021

  The media… it can be a love/hate relationship at times. We see a new publication talking about a medical breakthrough sensationalized in the media and our patients may get the wrong impression of wh

COVID-19 and Sports: What We’ve Learned and Where Are We Going for Fall 2021
August 27, 2021

  We are 18 months into the COVID-19 pandemic. Just about a year ago we had an episode trying to gauge what would happen with fall sports. To date, it has been the most downloaded episode of this podc

The Transgender Athlete
August 18, 2021

  We have seen a lot in recent years that seems to be polarizing this country. More than I have ever witnessed in my nearly half century on this planet. In the last few years, an area that seems to be

Research Review — Running
July 25, 2021

  We are back with another Research Review Episode of the Pediatric Sports Medicine Podcast. Today we are going to cover a sport near and dear to my heart…cross country running. I have two experts on

A Conversation with Former NFL Player Chris Long
July 06, 2021

  Many young athletes who play the sport of football have dreams and aspirations of playing in the NFL someday. Whether those dreams and aspirations are realistic or not is a different story. I could

Abdominal Trauma in Sports
June 21, 2021

  Athletes sustain all sorts of musculoskeletal injuries. I’d put good money that most athletic trainers and sports medicine physicians feel pretty comfortable evaluating an ankle, knee or shoulder. But what happens when the trauma is to the abdomen?

The AMSSM Position Statement on Mental Health
May 31, 2021

  Sports medicine professionals interact with athletes daily, many of whom have some underlying mental health issue. Commonly this may be anxiety or depression. We know that many athletes don’t feel comfortable disclosing their mental health issues or ...

A Conversation with Olympian Rachael Flatt (Mental Health Awareness Month 2021)
May 18, 2021

  We continue our series during Mental Health Awareness Month discussing mental health issues facing athletes. Think that professional athletes have it all together and there aren’t any pressures? How about if you make the Olympics for your sport?

Mental Health Awareness Month – A High School Athlete’s Story
May 10, 2021

  Injuries can be devastating to an athlete of any age. It typically means loss in many respects… of goals, dreams, aspirations, normal physical activity, interaction with teammates and just being part of a team. Over the years,

Research Review — The Shoulder
April 26, 2021

  It’s time for another Research Review on the Pediatric Sports Medicine Podcast. Today we tackle the shoulder. We’ll review 3 articles covering shoulder instability bracing, clavicle fractures and the effectiveness of a throwers injury prevention prog...