Pediatric Sports Medicine Podcast

Pediatric Sports Medicine Podcast

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The AMSSM Position Statement on Mental Health
May 31, 2021

  Sports medicine professionals interact with athletes daily, many of whom have some underlying mental health issue. Commonly this may be anxiety or depression. We know that many athletes don’t feel comfortable disclosing their mental health issues or ...

A Conversation with Olympian Rachael Flatt (Mental Health Awareness Month 2021)
May 18, 2021

  We continue our series during Mental Health Awareness Month discussing mental health issues facing athletes. Think that professional athletes have it all together and there aren’t any pressures? How about if you make the Olympics for your sport?

Mental Health Awareness Month – A High School Athlete’s Story
May 10, 2021

  Injuries can be devastating to an athlete of any age. It typically means loss in many respects… of goals, dreams, aspirations, normal physical activity, interaction with teammates and just being part of a team. Over the years,

Research Review — The Shoulder
April 26, 2021

  It’s time for another Research Review on the Pediatric Sports Medicine Podcast. Today we tackle the shoulder. We’ll review 3 articles covering shoulder instability bracing, clavicle fractures and the effectiveness of a throwers injury prevention prog...

Dental Injuries in Sports
April 05, 2021

  When we talk about sports medicine, we think about injuries to all sorts of structures in our body…the muscles and tendons, ligaments, bones, the brain…..but what about your teeth? You’ve all seen professional hockey players with their jack-o-lantern...

Life as an Athletic Trainer. National Athletic Training Month 2021
March 28, 2021

  We are nearing the end of March 2021. It is Brain Injury Awareness Month but certainly not to be overlooked, it’s also National Athletic Training Month. I’ve said it before that I don’t think it’s a coincidence,

CTE: A Conversation with Chris Nowinski
March 21, 2021

  Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, otherwise known as CTE, is a major topic when talking about the spectrum of things related to brain injury in sports. From its first descriptions in 1928 by Dr. Harrison Martland when coining the term “Punch Drunk Sy...

Remembering Jake Snakenberg: Brain Injury Awareness Month 2021
March 07, 2021

  It’s March and that means it’s Brain Injury Awareness Month. It’s easy for many of us to see the many patients who come into our practices or we evaluate on the sidelines and help guide them through their evaluation and recovery from their concussion...

Research Review: Protective Equipment
February 21, 2021

  There is a lot of equipment out there we use with our young athletes to hopefully reduce the risk of injury. Some is required for a particular sport, although some athletes and families just purchase things on their own to use.

Discoid Meniscus: A PRISM RIG Discussion
February 08, 2021

  If you do any sort of sports medicine, you’ve heard of the meniscus, that shock absorber between the bones in the knee. Do you know what a discoid meniscus is? Why is this even important when discussing young athletes? Today on the podcast,