April 06, 2022

Listen to this episode’s topic on the bronchiolitis and how we manage it in the hospital! 


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This episode was written by Dr. Tammy Yau and Dr. Lidia Park with content support from Dr. Rory Kamerman-Kretzmer, Dr. Lena van der List, and Dr. Su-Ting Li. Drs. Tammy and Lidia take full responsibility for any errors or misinformation. 

Key points: 

-Bronchiolitis is seen in kids under the age of 2 and caused by RSV 

-Treatment is supportive including fluids, oxygen, and suction 

-Learn about palivizumab and other new preventive therapies against bronchiolitis 


Supplemental Information: 

AAP 2014 guidelines: 

Day of Illness and Outcomes in Bronchiolitis Hospitalizations: