Dr. M's Women and Children First Podcast

Dr. M's Women and Children First Podcast

Dr. M’s SPA Newsletter Audiocast Volume 13 Issue 51

January 04, 2024

Literature Review

1) High resting cardiac vagal tone or control, CVC, is associated with more flexible emotional responding to external stressful stimuli. With regard to vagal changes the evidence shows us that stress will decrease CVC . (Balzarotti et. al. 2017)

Being relaxed and not stressed out is always associated with better cellular physiology. CVC is a marker of relaxation and thus emotional control. Whenever you find yourself emotionally dysregulated, there is a good chance that your vagal tone is off. Work to meditate, exercise and relax which will increase CVC and help you cope.

2) Continuing on the same theme..... plus a discussion on maternal neural hormonal rewiring, and a recipe of the week.