Peace Corps Revisited

Peace Corps Revisited

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Toni Gale, Ukraine, 2017-2019
November 10, 2019

In episode 17, I'm speaking with Toni Gale about her Peace Corps service in Ukraine from 2017-2019. Toni speaks about the challenges of being a professional woman in a country where business is male-dominant. She also speaks about the close relationship .

Ben Taylor, Federated States of Micronesia, 2012-2014
September 23, 2019

In episode 16 I'm speaking with Ben Taylor, who served in the Federates States of Micronesia from 2012 to 2014. Ben talks about the close relationship that was forged with his host family, as well as many fascinating cultural practices. Ben talks about t.

Carleena Angwin, Panama, 2001-2003
September 09, 2019

Join me for episode 15, in which I'm speaking with Carleena Angwin about her Peace Corps Service in Panama from 2001-2003. Carleena hosts the podcast, "The Carleena Show", where she speaks with guests about their hero's journey. Carleena speaks about com.

Nate Balk, Morocco, 2017-present
August 25, 2019

After taking a hiatus from podcasting, please join me for episode 14, where I’m speaking with Nate Balk, a current PCV serving in Morocco. Nate has been incredibly proactive and passionate about his service as a Youth Development Volunteer, and is workin.

Jacob Gandolfi, Nicaragua, 2017-2018
June 23, 2019

In episode 13, I'm speaking with Jacob Gandolfi about his service in Nicaragua from 2017-2018. Jake served in a rural community in southern Nicaragua and stayed with a host family who he became very close to throughout service. Jake was evacuated from Ni.

Anastasia Bannikova, Ghana, Ukraine, Armenia, 2014-present
June 10, 2019

During episode 12, I'm speaking with Anastasia Bannikova, who served in Ghana from 2014-2018, as a Peace Corps Response Volunteer in Ukraine from 2018-2019, and is currently serving in Armenia. Anastasia was born and raised in Kazakhstan, and was taught .

Justin Tabor, Philippines, 2008-2011
May 27, 2019

In episode 11, I'm speaking with Justin Tabor, who served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines from 2008-2011 as an education volunteer. Justin extended a year to continue service as a Peace Corps Volunteer Leader. Justin is currently working as.

Alexandra Tracy Chavarriaga and Kyle King, Colombia, 2016-2018
May 12, 2019

In episode 10, I'm speaking with Alexandra and Kyle about serving in Colombia as a married couple. Alexandra speaks about her father's service in Peace Corps Colombia in the late 1970s, and about her experiences as a Peace Corps legacy baby and a Colombi.

Moldova, Adam Lawrence, 2014-2016
April 28, 2019

In episode 9 of the podcast I'm speaking with Adam Lawrence, founder and CEO of Enspire. Adam served in the Republic of Moldova from 2014-2016. After completing service, Adam lived in Moldova for 2 years and founded Enspire in the capital city, Chisinau,.

Haiti, Jacquette McGhee, 2002-2004
April 07, 2019

Jacquette McGhee served in Haiti from 2002-2004. Jacquette speaks about several unique experiences she had during service, including interpreting for modern-day pirates who arrived in her village, and being evacuated from the country during the coup d'et.