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PAN49: Vincible with Kayla Redig

October 28, 2018

“It felt really odd to me to walk into the transfusion center for chemo and see a room full of men my grandfather’s age and then go to a doctor’s appointment in a different room covered in balloon stickers and children’s handprints on the walls. Even finding other patients with a similar age and diagnosis across the country was a struggle. Where did I fit in? I often felt very alone but I knew there had to be other young adult patients out there that felt the same. I knew this wasn’t the way the cancer experience had to be for us.” – Kayla Redig
About Kayla Redig
Kayla Redig was a competitive athlete and elementary school teacher before she was diagnosed with breast cancer at 24 years-old. After experiencing the isolation and uniqueness of being a young adult cancer patient, she grew determined to change the experience for fellow patients and survivors.
About Vincible
VINCIBLE is a documentary that follows 27-year-old cancer survivor, Kayla Redig, as she creates a voice for the 69,999 other young people who lose their youth to this disease each year. Among the many issues covered in this film, Redig explores the need for a support community to assist young adults when they are diagnosed in the prime of their lives.

Episode Details

* About Kayla Redig
* Kayla’s cancer journey
* A perspective on a young adult’s diagnosis and treatment
* How Kayla’s cancer connected the community
* Sharing Cancer on Social Media
* About Vincible
* Advice for young adults with cancer
* Coping with self-consciousness after surgery

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