PATH Positive Approaches To Health

PATH Positive Approaches To Health

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Episode 146: Road Trip... Destination, Austin, Texas - Your Inner Advocate
June 12, 2024

On this leg of the PATHPod journey Toni and Jenny head to Austin, Tx where they find Gustavo Padr...

Episode 145: Road Trip... Destination, SanFrancisco, CA - Dream Big Start Small
May 14, 2024

 Toni and Jenny are on the road again in the San Francisco Bay Area. This time they meet up ...

Episode 144: Road Trip... Destination, Marin California - Getting Used To The Discomfort - The Life Brief
April 08, 2024

Toni and Jenny head to Marin on this leg of the PATHPod road trip. They are over the moon about t...

Episode 143: Road Trip... Destination, Boothbay, Maine - Coastal Kitchen!
March 28, 2024

The ladies of the PATHPod head to a new state for their second National Nutrition Month episode! ...

Episode 142: Road Trip... Destination, Durham, North Carolina - 12 Fixes with Judes!
March 11, 2024

The PATHPod gals head down to Durham, North Carolina on this leg of the journey where they meet u...

Episode 141: The PATH Pod is Turning 5 - Part 2
February 26, 2024

Toni and Jenny continue their 5 year anniversary celebration as they dig into their intention to...

Episode 140: The PATH Pod is Turning 5 - Let's Celebrate This Milestone With Courage, Part 1
February 12, 2024

Toni and Jenny celebrate their 5th year of The PATH Pod during this 141st episode that is the fir...

Episode 139: Road Trip... Destination, Denver, Colorado - More "Enoughness" with Ally Rae Pesta
January 30, 2024

The ladies of the PATH Pod close out the first month of 2024 with a trip to Denver, Colorado and ...

Episode 138: Road Trip... Destination, St. Louis Park, Minnesota - "Enoughness" with JC Lippold
January 04, 2024

Toni and Jenny enter 2024 with a huge SHIFT which includes a conversation about being ENOUGH. The...

Episode 137: Road Trip... Destination, Marin & SanFran - "Nothing Is Too Small To Notice"
December 12, 2023

Toni and Jenny meet up with this dynamic duo for a second time on their PATHPod journey. They las...