Pastor Onyekachi & Rosa

Pastor Onyekachi & Rosa

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Remaind silent
April 14, 2024

Yah listen here to learn how God want you to response to accussions of enemy.mettew 27:23

April 13, 2024

Hi here listen to learn tye authority God has giving to you & know where you come from according to book of John 13:3

Protect the seed
April 11, 2024

This season God is calling you out protect the seed of greater tomorrow last strength & believe in them through the word of God acts 9:24-25

Shine brighter daily
April 10, 2024

Oh that I may walk in the ways of the lord through my work & words philippians 2:14-15

All possible with God
April 08, 2024

With God all things are possible which means the only way for we to achieve our daily goals is by inviting the Spirit God because it takes God's spirit to please God according to the book of Mathew 19:26

More love
March 31, 2024

Hi here is how can overflow in God's love through book of philippians 1:5

Riches & honour
March 29, 2024

Hi here listen to learn how you can active right riches & honours as we journey in our daily life according to book of proverbs 8:18

Locate God voice
March 27, 2024

Yah here listen & learn how God bring a permanent solution in our life 2 kings 2:19-22

Pray is the key
March 26, 2024

I here is how God want us to governor well in very accep of our lifes timonty 2:2

New things from old
March 23, 2024

Yah listen here to learn how God want to bring joy out of your past sorrow Matthew 28:1-4