Part-Time Characters

Part-Time Characters

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GoT S7E3 Recap: The Queen's Justice
August 02, 2017

Bridget and Maria get together once again to talk about the latest Game of Thrones episode: The Queen's Justice. They discuss the recurring theme of the sins of the fathers and how their sons and daughters can fix or perpetuate their mistakes. They also t

What is your Guilty Pleasure Movie?
August 01, 2017

This week Bridget, Sam and Adonis get together to confess the terrible movies they secretly like to watch. However, what you are going to hear is a lot of talk about animals. Seriously. From the Jungle Book vultures to Bridget's spirit animal to a bird wh

GoT S7 E2 Recap: Stormborn
July 26, 2017

We are back with a Game of Thrones recap, this time talking about the second episode of the season, Stormborn. I am joined by Adonis Gonzalez to analize Dany's skepticism of Varys, a suprise attack to a fleet, budding romance and the appearance of an awai

Dunkirk and Christopher Nolan's Directorial Style
July 24, 2017

It is our first episode as Part-Time Characters! For this episode, we focus on one director, Christopher Nolan, his style and his latest film, Dunkirk. Before that, Adonis joins us to geek out about all the things announced at San Diego Comicon. From Stra