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Mark O’Byrne: Interest Rate Tightening Cycles are Great for Gold

February 17, 2022

Tom welcomes Mark O'Byrne back to the show. Mark is the Founder of Health Wealth Gold.

Mark discusses gold's lack of reaction to current global risks. The metals should have moved higher in response to inflation. Supposedly, they are anticipating rate hikes but a large move seems unlikely as that would crash the markets. Inflation is not transitory and we're just seeing the start of it.

He expects weakness in the short term for gold as Fed takes some sort of action. Generally, within a short period afterward, we will see gold break to the upside.

We have a multitude of risks and globally these risks have never been higher. This is due to the huge levels of debt and while deflation is possible central banks appear reluctant to take that path. Inflation will likely remain in assets like the vulnerable bond and real estate markets.

The debt bubble is absolutely massive when you factor in all the various forms of debt today. They are continuing to manage to kick the can down the road. However, nearly everyone today is financially impaired.

Sentiment for gold seems to be slowly improving but crypto has taken some of the luster away from the metals. We're seeing the direct risks of government intervention in Canada of all places. In the future, we are likely to see more direct encroachment into the lives of citizens. The idea of a cashless society appears to carry significant risks for anyone with differing views. The pandemic has shown just how little the governments of the world care about small business owners. Taking some physical possession of gold or silver makes sense along with storing some outside of your home country. Gold remains the premiere safe-haven asset in a world of government dictates. Don't have too much money in banks just keep what you need for day-to-day use.

He remains steadfast that silver should be priced much higher today. However, you should carefully consider why you own metals. Land is still relatively cheap in many places and self-sufficiency may be key in the future. Consider building communities of people with skills and like-minded goals.

Time Stamp References:0:00 - Introduction1:04 - Gold & Global Risk4:55 - Gold & Rate Hikes6:55 - Real Returns & Recession10:07 - Debt & Economic Health12:58 - Gold Sentiment Shift16:19 - Crypto & Gov't Risks22:46 - Attitudes Shifting24:14 - Silver Targets30:10 - Measuring Wealth31:38 - Gold & Central Banks36:32 - Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode

Gold in a world awash in asset bubbles and debt risk.Sentiment for gold and why everyone needs to hold physical against government threats.Thoughts on silver and the importance of understanding why you should hold metals.

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Mark O'Byrne is the Founder, Mentor & Ambassador, Inspirational Speaker, and Thrivability Expert for Health Wealth Gold.

Mark has dedicated much of the past two decades of his life to helping people understand our financial, monetary, and economic systems. Just a few actions can help people, families, communities, and nations take control of their lives and become resilient and sovereign.

Mark founded GoldCore, Ireland’s largest gold and silver broker in 2003 and exited in 2020 after they had made it into Ireland’s largest gold broker and storage provider. It's a respected gold bullion specialist known internationally with over 20,000 clients in over 140 countries and $1 billion in sales.

He studied history for my degree and has a lifelong interest in monetary history and gold and its role in protecting people from currency devaluations, the decline of nations and Empires, and economic collapse throughout history.

He is one of the leading experts on gold internationally with a high profile in social media & mainstream media having appeared on RTE,