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Maximizing Profitability Through Real Estate with Colin Carr

August 19, 2020


Colin Carr is the CEO and Founder of CARR Healthcare Realty, a company founded on protecting healthcare providers in commercial real estate transactions. Colin, a commercial real estate expert, has completed over a thousand commercial real estate transactions and has helped his clients in the healthcare industry save millions of dollars and maximize their profitability. Today, CARR and its team of Healthcare Real Estate Advisors are the leading providers of commercial real estate services for healthcare professionals across the country.

Colin joins me today to discuss how healthcare providers can get the most out of real estate transactions. He highlights the importance of hiring real estate agents to represent medical practices in buying or leasing property. He reveals the top mistakes healthcare practices make when looking for real estate and shares his advice on renegotiating leases. He also discusses how the pandemic will affect the commercial real estate market and explains why landlords would be willing to work with healthcare providers, especially in the time of COVID-19.

“A mistake in a commercial real estate transaction can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.” - Colin Carr

This week on PAHCOM:

Why every healthcare provider should hire real estate agents when looking for properties

How healthcare providers can increase their net worth through commercial real estate

Evaluating whether a medical practice should purchase or lease office space

The importance of negotiating on multiple commercial real estate properties

Common mistakes medical practice owners make when negotiating a lease

The difference between residential and commercial real estate

Renegotiating a lease in the time of COVID-19

How COVID-19 is going to impact the commercial real estate market for healthcare providers

How to choose the best real estate agents for healthcare providers and medical practices

The average cost of real estate transactions for healthcare providers

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