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A Spotlight on Native American Language and Religion – Episode 89 – The Oxford Comment
November 28, 2023

On todays episode of The Oxford Comment, the last for 2023, we spotlight two aspects of Native American culture that transcend tribe and nation and have been the recent focus of OUP scholars: languag

Infrastructure, Public Policy, and the Anthropocene – Episode 88 – The Oxford Comment
October 31, 2023

On todays episode of The Oxford Comment, we discuss the state of human infrastructure in the Anthropocene with a particular focus on how research can best be used to inform public policy. First, we w

Supporting the Future of Peer Review – Episode 87 – The Oxford Comment
September 19, 2023

On todays episode, were joined by three OUP colleagues to discuss current changes in academic publishing and what they will mean for the future of peer review. First, we talk with Laura Jose, a Pub

The Revelation of the Book of Mormon at 200 – Episode 86 – The Oxford Comment
August 29, 2023

On todays episode, were joined by two preeminent scholars on the history and theology of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as this September marks the 200th anniversary of Joseph Smith

Revisiting Toxic Masculinity and #MeToo – Episode 85 – The Oxford Comment
July 25, 2023

On todays episode, we explore two recognizable components in contemporary conversations on gender and gendered violence. First, we welcomed Robert Lawson, the author of Language and Mediated Masculin

The Great Gun Conundrum – Episode 84 – The Oxford Comment
June 27, 2023

On todays episode of The Oxford Comment, we explore the history of gun ownership in the United States and practical solutions for resolving contemporary gun violence. First, we welcomed Robert J Spit

Privacy and the LGBT+ Experience: Victorian Past, Digital Future – Episode 83 – The Oxford Comment
May 30, 2023

On todays episode of The Oxford Comment, we discuss LGBTQ+ privacy through both historical and contemporary lenses. First, Simon Joyce, the author of LGBT Victorians: Sexuality and Gender in the Nine

Digital Dilemmas: Feminism, Ethics, and the Cultural Implications of AI – Episode 82 – The Oxford Comment
April 25, 2023

On todays episode, we welcomed Dr Kerry McInerneyand Dr Eleanor Drage, two of the editors of Feminist AI: Critical Perspectives on Data, Algorithms and Intelligent Machines, and then Dr Kanta Dihal,

Climate Emergency: Lessons from Classic Maya to Contemporary China – Episode 81 – The Oxford Comment
March 28, 2023

The consequences of climate change are catastrophic. This real and present threat to our planet may seem insurmountable, but there areand have beenlessons shared on how to mitigate the damage alread

Women in Sports: Althea Gibson, Billie Jean King, and Their Legacies – Episode 80 – The Oxford Comment
February 28, 2023

The world of sports has long been a contested playing field for social change. On todays episode, we discuss the lives, careers, and lasting legacies on and off the tennis courts of two great women a