Over the Rims of Mugs

Over the Rims of Mugs

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Baylor Wilson
July 02, 2021

She survived Season 29 of Survivor: San Juan del Sur, won a world championship cheer competition, before playing her guitar & singing while staying at a little bed & breakfast… only to discover the ot

Brenda Wood
June 04, 2021

How do we identify addiction or addictive behaviors in those we love? And once we do, how do we get help? Brenda Wood shares her story of love, loss, life with addiction and how God rescued her and her husband individually and together.

Cathel Tanner
May 07, 2021

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. (Genesis 50:20, NIV) A story that begins with so much tragedy but later reveals God’s great redemption plan is the story you are about...

Holly Sorrells
April 02, 2021

Is there a place for me in ministry? How do I know if it’s God directing me? Who is my true enemy and how do I become a warrior woman to deal with him? How do I find joy in what I do? All questions we delve into together in this segment with Holly Sorr...

Kathi Bridwell
March 05, 2021

How do I start a Bible study? I’m not really qualified to lead a Bible study but I really want to be part of one. What can I do? Questions I’ve heard many times! My conversation with Kathi Bridwell will inspire you to get into a study group and help yo...

Dale Sinclair
February 05, 2021

Dale Sinclair came to America when she was 38. She struggled with fitting in and learned quickly that moving to a new area can be difficult, lonely and frightening. Struggling to fit in can happen to any one of us! Perhaps in a new neighborhood,

Carrie Robinson
January 08, 2021

How do you find strength in the struggles of life? When grief overwhelms you, what can you do to survive it? How do you deal with disappointment when God doesn’t answer your prayers the way you’d hoped? Join Denise Harper and her guest,

Introducing Over the Rims of Mugs
December 23, 2020

Spend a little time with Denise Harper and her girlfriends as they get to know each other while sharing a great cup of coffee. The show includes wonderful testimonies, things to celebrate in life, how to face adversity,