Over It And On With It

Over It And On With It

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CC: A Simple 40 Day Plan to Create Lasting Change in Your Life
September 02, 2023

If you want a simple, effective way to increase the quality of your life don't miss this episode. I've upgraded my 40 day stop-start-modify plan to support you in implementing new habits to create mor

EP 416: How to Find Inspiration When Just You Feel Like You Don’t Have Any with Jo
August 30, 2023

The essence of this coaching call is what causes inspirational blocks and the unhealthy ways we try to motivate ourselves. Today’s caller, Jo, is asking for guidance about how to tap into her inspirat

CC: Regulating your nervous system with my coach Elisha Halpin
August 26, 2023

Elisha Tichelle is an alchemist of the nervous system for visionary leaders and heart-centered entrepreneurs. Following a 20-year career as a somatic researcher and professor, Elisha now supports her

EP 415: You Are Not in Your Masculine Energy: It's Hypervigilance with Jo
August 23, 2023

This coaching call is about the difference between masculine energy and hypervigilance. Today’s caller, Jo, has been caring for her husband after a debilitating accident. She believes she is functioni

CC: What's the point?
August 19, 2023

In your personal development journey, you may be asking "what's the point?" You are doing all this "work" and you are not seeing the changes in your life that you desire. In this CC I answer this ques

EP 414: How to Get Clarity on Whether a Relationship Is Right with Lucy
August 16, 2023

  This coaching call is about how patience and compassion without clarity can lead to resentment. Today’s caller, Lucy, doesn’t feel like a priority in her partner’s life. She asks for guidance on whe

CC: Help Your Baby Feel More Comfortable In Their Body with Philippa Murphy
August 12, 2023

Philippa Murphy is an Infant Gut Health and Postnatal Practitioner, a Lactation Consultant, Certified Nutritional Health Coach, and an accepted trainer of Health Visitors and Feeding Specialists in th

EP 413: How to Surrender and Keep Hope When You Are Not Getting What You Truly Desire with Eva
August 09, 2023

This coaching call is about surrender and keeping hope. Todays caller, Eva, is ready to give up hope and accept that she may never get pregnant. But her intuition is telling her that one day she will

CC: Doormat or Bitch?
August 05, 2023

Ladies, do you lean more toward being a bitch or a doormat? I know thats not a very nice question to ask, but its an important one! We all have the capacity to have bitchy moments when we are impati

EP 412: Is It Really the Fear of Being Seen or Is It Something Else? With Davina
August 02, 2023

This coaching call is about embracing our mother energy. Todays caller, Davina, is a life coach struggling to attract her ideal clients. She was told that she may fear being seen, but it didnt entir