I Love You Anyway (formerly Outspoken)

I Love You Anyway (formerly Outspoken)

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Please forgive my absence, I still love you!
February 05, 2023

Hello, Friends - Here's a short explanation for why I haven't been recording or posting many episodes lately, and a piano improvisation at the end as an offering of gratitude and love. - Thanks for li

I Love You Anyway – Ep. 111 – Damon Packard
September 27, 2022

People used to be interesting, propaganda, guerilla shooting, actual conspiracies, scams within scams, video game bandits, memory loss, tough guys, and much more... - - 2022 Justin White All rig

I Love You Anyway – Ep. 110 – Alice Shaw
August 23, 2022

Clairvoyance, ending the age of the individual, what is God?, wish vs. want, changing everything, freedom in childhood, adopting family, photography, menopause, and much more... - - 2022 Justin Wh

I Love You Anyway – Ep. 109 – Marne Lucas
May 18, 2022

Love of water, encyclopedia vs. internet, art and photography, end of life doula, intuition, hedonism, an unprescribed life, love is the glue, and much more... - - www.marnelucas.com - - 2022 J

I Love You Anyway – Ep. 108 – Greg McClellan
January 30, 2022

Love of sound, drumless drumming, heavy music, horror films with dad, paper routes, hyper tapes, befriending Bruce Bickford, creating the longest concept album of all time, and much more... - www.give

I Love You Anyway – Ep. 107 – Bill Hunt
November 15, 2021

Hard to kill, Texas, dilapidated housing, RV living, non-attachment, drugs, camping, advances in parenting, and much more... - - 2021 Justin White All rights reserved.

I Love You Anyway – Ep. 106 – Ray Halliday
October 08, 2021

Things not done, otherness, worthiness, love of writing, homework sucks, competition averse, trusting perception, solitude, helping others, berries, and much more... - - - 2021 Justin White Al

I Love You Anyway – Ep. 105 – Katya Crawford
August 19, 2021

Fighting youth obsession, negotiating with cancer, wildfires in Australia, extraordinary parents, New Mexico, landscape architecture, martial arts, toxic ambition, flirting with Jesus, and much more..

I Love You Anyway – Ep. 104 – Mike LaVella
June 06, 2021

Annoyance-free living, love of records, Pittsburgh punk scene, rational thinking, Gearhead Magazine/Records, The Park Bowl, Thrasher, Robert Williams, small town life, and much more...

I Love You Anyway – Ep. 103 – Katie Gilbert
April 29, 2021

First impressions, surviving middle school, workaholism, saying "no", teaching through the pandemic, the academia trap, is ignorance blissful?, creating suffering, the myth of control, and much more... -   -   - www.patreon.com/iloveyouanyway -