Out of Bounds Podcast

Out of Bounds Podcast

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E75 – Jim Harris- Perpetual Weekend
October 24, 2019

Hi Everyone! Episode #75 and we’re still kickin’! This episode is with Jim Harris. Jim is a Skier, Photographer, Artist, Cyclist & much more.  However while in Chile in 2014 snowkiting, a wind gust caused him...

E74 – Marty Schaffer – Capow Guiding
October 21, 2019

Hi everyone! This is a GREAT chat if you’re looking to get amped up on the coming season. Marty and I chat about his company, Capow Guiding, as well as Blanket Glacier, pow days, keeping...

E73 – Katie Burrell
October 16, 2019

Hi everyone! This is episode #73 with the hilarious Katie Burrell. She’s a comedian, skier, marketer, and overall awesome human being. Her new film ‘Dream Job’ is playing all over the world (actually though) check...

E72 – Mike O’Connell & Sean Phillips – First Chair Travel Co.
October 11, 2019

Mike O’Connell & Sean Phillips – First Chair Travel Co. Hi Everyone! In episode #72 Mike, Sean, and Adam sit down and chat about skiing, Banff, travel, the industry, and so much more. Tune in....

E71- Kyle O’Grady
October 09, 2019

Hi Everyone! In episode #71 I chat with Kyle from the Trail Tales Podcast. Check it out at the link below. @kylehateshiking @trailtalespod This episode is sponsored by Bomber Strap, learn more about the best...

E70 – Brian Landrigan
September 19, 2019

Hey Everyone! Episode #70 is here and it’s with the Fischer Skis marketing manager, Brian Landrigan. Brian has done so many awesome things in his career, from designing Tanner Hall’s website, to working for Bern...

E69 – Adam Sauerwein ( @mradamx)
September 12, 2019

Hi Everyone! This is such an awesome episode. Adam & Adam sit down to chat Adam’s career, The Pursuit video series, Van life, Tele-skiing, & more. I hope you all enjoy it as much as...

E68 – Sarah Knapp
September 06, 2019

Hi Everyone! Episode 68 is with Sarah Knapp, founder of Outdoor Fest, and Mappy Hour.   This episode is sponsored by Fischer Skis.

E67 – Ben Hall
August 20, 2019

Hi everyone! In this episode, I chat with Ben Hall from Mountain Bike Radio. We got to chat at this year’s Cliff Slopestyle Open of Mountain Biking at Highland Mountain Bike Park. Follow Ben on...

E66 – Powderhorn Trail Co, Will Conroy
August 07, 2019

Hi there! Welcome to episode 66. Will Conroy is our guest today and he’s an awesome dude! He builds (professionally) bike trails. We talk working in the industry, some of the struggles of entrepreneurship, and...