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Out Here Livin Podcast

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Out Here Livin #26 Hilary Caldwell
March 25, 2020

“Never met a cold beer I didn’t like”. When we heard that we knew we were about to get down with a real one. Real nice time, real cold beers, real good laughs. We chopped it up with our bud Hilary Caldwell aka Hils aka Hilzo. She’s a local gal...

Out Here Livin #25 Dr Maya Kuczma
March 04, 2020

  Health is wealth! We are out here livin with Dr Maya Kuczma- author, naturopath, south paw. Turns out the good doctor is a Chatty Cathy after our own hearts.  We talked biased food science, holistic Tinder management, intermittent fasting...

Out Here Livin #24 Natalie Cumberbirch
February 05, 2020

  Have you ever been so Out Here Livin’ that you moved across an ocean to pursuit a passion? Nat Cumberbirch did. A graduate from Parisian Croissant College, she can stand the heat so she can stay in the kitchen. Back on this side of the pond...

Out Here Livin #23 Jeremy Vaughan
January 15, 2020

Here are two well known expressions: “Can’t judge a book by its cover” and “Experience is the best teacher”. Our episode today features Jeremy Vaughan, a Vancouver fitness professional, nature boy and mild mannered civilian. We chat a little...

Out Here Livin #22 HUNGRY
October 30, 2019

On the mic with Sean 'HUNGRY' Norgan. Our swol mate, and between the three of us, most lyrically gifted one. He has a new song dropping with Freddy Gibbs Nov 1st. We talk rappin’, fatherhood, and finally chat conspiracy theories! We believe all the...

Out Here Livin #21 Chatty Cathy: Choke Prey Love
October 16, 2019

Our friend and Chatty Cathy Rachael “MF” Coakley weighs in on choking fools out!! gi and no gi. We add to the factory farmed meat vs plant based diet vs doing your own dirt during hunting season.  Every cried over a sandwich? With some of her...

Out Here Livin #20 Rob Couzens
October 02, 2019

On Episode 20 of the OHL podcast. We sit down and talk to our friend Rob Couzens, Canadian amateur boxing royalty. But as you find out he is more than boxer. We dive deep into his passion for animals, how and why he loves fashion, sewing and ...

Out Here Livin #19 Chatty Cathy 'Believe or make believe'
September 18, 2019

Out Here Livin' presents the Chatty Cathy Series. On this episode 'Believe or make believe' we a joined with our friend Sheri Rowe a true CC. We talk resistance, procrastination, current Netflix shows to watch, triathlon mistakes, and what really...

Out Here Livin #18 Melissa Tancredi
September 04, 2019

You could call her Doctor or you could call her Champ but if you call her ‘Tanc’ make sure it’s with a C. On this episode we sat down with the hard battling Olympic soccer star Dr. Melissa Tancredi. Her story as an athlete reflects the...

Out Here Livin #17 John Abreu
August 21, 2019

 We popped a squat with strength coach turned honest marketer John Abreu of Blonyx Supplements. Here are the facts, a positive mental attitude makes snowboarders feel 85ft ramps are light work. We talk about the supplement industry can be a...