OURGENPOD talkin' 'bout Our Generation

OURGENPOD  talkin' 'bout Our Generation


August 30, 2021

In this Episode, Host Julian G. Simmons talks with one of the great drummers of our time, MICHAEL SHRIEVE.

Michael has a really fascinating story to tell, about how he joined Santana at 18, played a world-shaking drum solo in front of half a million people at Woodstock '69 when he was only 20, and has managed to keep on growing as an artist for 50 years since. In many ways, Michael’s life follows the archetypal track of many of us, from wild youth to our current, more mellow stage of life. His lively conversation with Julian brings it all back; it's quite a tale. But he also delivers a potent dose of inspiration for many of us who may be forced by age to give up things we love doing. Michael hasn’t stopped making music in spite of the inevitable aches and pains that prevent him from pummeling the drums like he did at Woodstock. Far from giving up, he’s moving on, and getting better. His new music is a stunning reminder that some things DO improve with age.