talkin' 'bout Our Generation

talkin' 'bout Our Generation

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06. talkin' 'bout Our Generation Episode 006. Michael Lang
September 28, 2020

Michael Lang talks about then and now, how Woodstock is relevant today

05. talkin' 'bout Our Generation Episode 005
August 19, 2020

Lisa Law, Documentarian and member of the Hog Farm Commune

04. talkin' 'bout Our Generation Episode 004
July 16, 2020

The Woodstock Episodes Part 4. John Morris

03. talkin' 'bout Our Generation Episode 003
May 30, 2020

Part 3 of our continuing series "The Woodstock Episodes," revisiting that iconic event and the magic spirit that made it happen.  This time we talk with Carol Green, a founder of "The Woodstock Nation," as well as bringing you a rare interview with t...

02. talkin' 'bout Our Generation Episode 002
May 02, 2020

Episode 2 of "The Woodstock Episodes," with official photographer Henry Diltz.

01. talkin' 'bout Our Generation Episode 001
August 16, 2019

The Woodstock Episodes Part One Join Host Julian G. Simmons on the journey of several different individuals who find themselves headed to Woodstock. All have an important role to play in the making of that historic event fifty years ago in 1969.

00. talkin' 'bout Our Generation Promo Episode 0
August 09, 2019

This is "Episode Zero" -- our Pre-Launch test and promo for the new podcast "talkin' 'bout Our Generation," which officially launches on Friday night, August 16, the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock.   ”talkin’ ‘bout Our Generation,