Our Lockdown Life

Our Lockdown Life

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Our Lockdown Life - 4
May 15, 2020

This week - Leavers, we need you! Boris Johnson, show us what you are made of!  Judith Bunting and Caroline Voaden discuss the Brexit Transition period and what a refusal to extend the transition period could mean for the UK. Everyone agrees these ar

Our Lockdown Life - 3
May 01, 2020

Hello again! In this episode ...  Former MEPs Judith Bunting and Caroline Voaden discussing how to lift lockdown, what we know about immunity, and recent key changes to EU pandemic policies.  On the whimsical side, there may be just the  od

Week 2: How about a Coronavirus Select Committee?
April 06, 2020

Lively if slightly random conversation from former MEPs Judith Bunting and Caroline Voaden covering isolation matters from setting up a Dover scrubs hub through the importance of Vitamin E to the immune system to Keir Stamer and a call for a Coronavirus S

Our Lockdown Life - week 1
April 01, 2020

Former MEPs Judith Bunting and Caroline Voaden are back, discussing life during Covid-19 lockdown.You can listen back to Voaden and Bunting's first series, Our MEP Life, here: https://anchor.fm/our-mep-life (24 episodes).