Further Together the ORAU Podcast

Further Together the ORAU Podcast

Inside the NASA Science Mission Directorate: A conversation with Dr. Nicky Fox

March 11, 2024

Dr. Nicola "Nicky" Fox, is the associate administrator for the NASA Science Mission Directorate, which essentially means she is the head of science for NASA. Her directorate is responsible for more than 150 missions that are currently in space or in development. Further Together hosts Michael Holtz and Matthew Underwood talk to Fox about the importance of her role, the trajectory of her career, how she became interested in science and how the desire to work for NASA brought her from England to the United States. She also tells a great story about how her father propped 8-month-old Nicky in front of the television to witness Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. Perhaps that event planted the seed? Fox came to NASA as a Postdoctoral Fellow and rose through the ranks to her current role. We cover a lot in this great and fun conversation. Give it a listen.

Learn more about Nicky Fox: https://science.nasa.gov/people/nicola-fox/

Learn more about the NASA Postdoctoral Fellowship Program: https://npp.orau.org/index.html