Mediacurrent Open Waters Podcast

Mediacurrent Open Waters Podcast

Open Waters Season 2 Trailer

April 20, 2021

How can you use open source technology to maximize your Martech investment?

Welcome to Mediacurrent’s Open Waters Podcast. Visit us at

Mediacurrent is proud to announce Season 2 of the Open Waters podcast. We’re here to explore the intersection of open source technology and digital marketing. During Season 2, we will be covering topics including:

  • How to optimize your digital strategy
  • Accessibility as a business imperative
  • UX Design Principles
  • How it all works together using open source technologies like Drupal

SUSAN: I’m your new host, Susan Cooper, and I’ll be here with your old friends Mario Hernandez and Mark Shropshire to bring you the best in digital marketing and technology.

MARIO: Hello everyone. This is Mario. I’m back and this time with two new great co-hosts, Susan and Shrop.  I am very excited about resuming the podcast and bringing you great content from guests who are leaders in the Open Source community.  We encourage you to subscribe to our podcast in your favorite podcast app so you don’t miss out on awesome discussions, resources and the latest in Drupal and Open Source.

SHROP: Hi, this is Shrop. I’m a creative leader who has a heart for helping individuals be their best, while working with teams delivering best-in-class software projects built with open source technologies.

At Mediacurrent, we value giving back. This is in our D.N.A. as an open source expansion partner. We want to share our approaches to successful digital projects, helping you gain the information you need to improve your important work. Not only will you get the details of our experiences, but you will get to hear from our fantastic clients and partners!

We are so excited to bring you a fresh perspective on open source technology and digital marketing this season! Make sure to subscribe today so you will not miss a single episode!

SUSAN: If you are a Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Software Engineer, or Director of Marketing, this is the podcast for you. Or if you're a marketer interested in Marketing Technology and Digital Strategy, you’re not going to want to miss what we have in store for you in 2021.

So check us out at and subscribe today on your favorite podcast app.