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Episode 10: Alecia from Kauai Stepping out of your comfort zone to live your best life
October 14, 2019

Episode 10 brings us Alecia from Kauai.  She shares with us how she made the choice to step out of her comfort zone and is leading her best life!  She shares the hurdles she faced when she made the choice to go skydiving.  Listen to her wonderful story a.

Episode 09: Artie from Oahu Trust your gut - you know when it's best to get divorced
October 01, 2019

Episode 09: brings us Artie from Oahu.  She discusses the request from her husband that was the final straw and helped her realize it was time to dissolve their 22 year marriage.  She shares a message to people that are in unhappy relationships that mayb.

Episode 08: Rockaway Beach, Oregon AirBnB crew, millennials, car conversions and life lessons
July 05, 2019

Episode 08: takes place at an Airbnb in Rockaway Beach, Oregon.  Strangers meet to discuss how they arrived at this location, sleeping in their converted cars and the life lessons they've learned along the way.  Please enjoy what is affectionately known .

Episode 07: Jennifer from Riverside shares how meth entered the lives of her and her husband
May 14, 2019

Episode 07:  Jennifer from Riverside shares with us how meth entered her and her husband's lives, the struggles and hardships it caused, the mother-in-law who stepped in to protect their children and ultimately how they both picked themselves back up fro.

Episode 06: Stacy from Alaska - A mentor, the Explorer Program and giving back as an adult to youth in need
April 27, 2019

Episode 06:  Stacy from Alaska is a woman who had a difficult home life growing up and was befriended by a local police officer that introduced her to the Explorer program as a teen and became her mentor.  Now as an adult she is giving back and volunteer.

Episode 05: Amy from Honolulu, Hawaii - The Secret, overcoming fear to fly, sharing her singing voice and leaving an abusive relationship
April 15, 2019

Episode 05:  Amy from Honolulu, Hawaii shares the successes in her life once she left an abusive relationship.  She is now overcoming her fear of flying to travel and she is following her dream and is a singer who performs regularly in Los Angeles!

Episode 04: Stephanie from Los Angeles - health issues, weight loss and depression and coming out on the other side
April 08, 2019

Episode 04 brings us Stephanie from Los Angeles.  She discusses how health issues led to making the decision for weight loss.  A breakup brings on depression, but she is able to come out on the other side with a new career, a new body and a new perspecti.

Episode 03: Gal from Scotland / Steve from San Francisco / Kristen from Zion
February 20, 2019

Episode 03 we have Gal from Scotland who shares how her 5th grade teacher changed helped to change her from the "stupid girl".  Then we have Steve from San Francisco whose bike was stolen and share the kindness of someone he's never met.  Kristen from Zi.

Episode 02: Joan Tempe / Heiligenschwendi / Betty from Escalen, CA
January 27, 2019

Episode 02: Joan from Tempe discusses how Joan of Arc helped shape her and led her to her current career helping children;  Then we head to Heiligneschwendi to discuss times that god help protect a woman and her sister.  Finally we speak with Betty from .

Episode 01: Intro / Reba from Hawaii / Elvis from Victoria BC / Polly from WA / Nicole from Utah
January 27, 2019

Episode 01: Reba from Hawaii discusses her success with a tens unit after being in pain for years. Elvis from Victoria, BCshares how loss changed his perspective on life. Polly from WA gives us an