Our Parents Did What?!

Our Parents Did What?!

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Episode 6: Knucklebones
March 02, 2020

Jen set out to provide a brief history into children's toys, but quick discovered what a foolish plan that had been. The wealth of information on any one toy is astounding! So Jen dug into one of the most foundational children's games - knucklebones.

Episode 5: The Tooth Fairy
February 17, 2020

Of all the mythical figures we know and love, the Tooth Fairy seems to have the most elusive backstory. Where did she come from, and why the heck do we put our teeth under our pillows for her to find?! Thankfully,

Episode 4: Clothing
February 03, 2020

Run Time: 32 minutes, 23 seconds The history of children’s clothing leads Jen and Diane to some unexpected places. They learn about the practice of breaching and how fashion was used as a way to show male dominance.

Episode 3: Diapers
January 20, 2020

Run Time: 30 minutes, 7 seconds Diapers as we know them today are a fairly new commodity in the grand scheme of the history of parenting. But, before Pampers and Huggies, our ancestors used some pretty crazy materials to diaper their babies.

Episode 2: Baby Food
January 20, 2020

Run Time: 37 minutes, 10 seconds Peas, and apples, and carrots, oh my! When did baby food become commercialized, and what on earth is dessert baby food?? We cover this, and so much more, on this week’s episode!

Episode 1: Car Seats
January 20, 2020

Run Time: 31 minutes, 36 seconds Have you ever heard of the Tot Guard? We hadn’t, either! Until we took a deep dive into the history of car seats. In this episode, we go way back to the 1930’s and follow the evolution of car safety for babies and child...