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EP012 - How To Multiply Your Profit By 5
March 06, 2019

Hey, welcome to this new episode! This episode is all about money getting and value sharing! So if you don't like sharing value and monetizing it, then you shouldn't listen to it... just kidding (kinda). This is about ads getting pricier and because of th

EP011 - How to Grow Without Having Money for Growth
March 03, 2019

Hey! This episode is about growing from the bottom. How you can actually pull that off without sitting on a bag filled with dollars. Enjoy!  Keep grinding, Jan

EP010 - Workplace and Work Ethic, How These Two Goes Ties Together
March 02, 2019

Hey! I was just thinking that what would be the best Saturday Episode than about work ethic. I've got an office from the middle of this week - Wednesday I think.. and it's really awesome! Done more work in 3 days than in whole month! Great workplace is th

EP009 - Drive for Your Social Media Is..
February 21, 2019

Hey, in this episode I talk about drive, your pure nitro for social media reach. Reach = Money. I've listened to one video from Frank Kern, where he confirms everything I believe in about social media and their algorithms. Keep grinding, Jan From OnlineB

EP008 - Opportunities Blast, How to Manage Them
February 18, 2019

Hey! This episode I talk about shiny objects syndrome and how to manage it, on my way from the gym - today was a chest day by the way, plus sunny day = awesome. Keep grinding, Jan

EP007 - Simple Action You Can Implement, It Will Take You To The Success Land
February 17, 2019

Hey! This episode is about mindset, so intangibles things.. but they are really important, I've tried to cut the fluff but.. mindset is always kinda likes this, but this thing you can actually implement into your every day grind and it will really help yo

EP006 - How to Be Successful Every Time?
February 06, 2019

In this episode I was talking about funnels, that they apply everywhere - online, offline... doesn't really matter. BUT there is one key thing you should do every time when you put someone into your funnel - or in another words - buy they attention and th

EP005 - Is Getting Up at 5 Really Key to Success?
February 04, 2019

In this episode I was talking about my experience this morning, when I was replying to my IG account, where I have reposted post about morning routine. A lot of people are sharing things like: Waking Up at 5 am Will Turn You Into Rich.. So is that really

EP004 - Market-ing
February 02, 2019

This episode is about market and marketing. I started to talk about marketing, but then I've transitioned into market and niching down your business, so you can really get into effective marketing and how to get your sales message out there to the right a

EP003 - My Story
January 31, 2019

Do you have your story? Of course you do, everybody has.. and maybe we've got something in common, something we share. It's story how I started in online business and why. Why I am not doing something else and what is my plan, what are my challenges