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On the Road with Mickey #96 – Our Top 3 Disney Sandwiches!

November 15, 2021
Top 3 Disney SandwichesSeason 2, Episode 46 – Top 3 Disney Sandwiches!

Top 3 Disney Sandwiches!

Hey everyone, I’m Mike, she’s Sophie, and that’s Brenda, and we’re On the Road with Mickey! This is Season 2, Episode 46 for November 15, 2021, and our feature topic is our Top 3 Disney Sandwiches! This is the last of our mini series of dining episodes, and we think you’ll enjoy them! Have a listen, and let us know in the comments what you think! Now, here’s the rundown of what we talked about:

  • Updates from Last Week

  • Cheddar from the Big Cheese
    • Mike: Crews are working on the railroad track placement under the Tron Lightcycle Run! This is big because it is another step towards the Railroad reopening!
    • Brenda: Eternals is in theaters! Have you seen it and if not, do you plan to? Also, over at Animal Kingdom, the Christmas Tree and other decorations are up! Which park or resort has the best Christmas decorations to you?
    • Sophie: November 24th — that is the day that the 60th Disney Animated Movie, Encanto, opens in theaters! Who’s going to go see it?

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  • Feature Topic: Top 3 Disney Sandwiches!
    • Mike’s top 3
      • 1) Corn Dog Bites at Casey’s Corner
      • 2) Contempo Burger at the Contempo Cafe
      • 3) Beef Nacho “Sandwich” at Pecos Bill Cafe

    • Brenda’s top 3
      • 1) Holiday Turkey Sandwich at Earl of Sandwich
      • 2) Spicy Chicken Sandwich at the Contempo Cafe
      • 3) Aloha Pork Sandwich at Captain Cook’s

    • Sophie’s top 3
      • 1) Holiday Turkey Sandwich at Earl of Sandwich
      • 2) Teriyaki buns at the Japan Pavilion during the Food and Wine Festival 
      • 3) Monte Cristo at the Blue Bayou

  • This Day in Disney History for November 15

  • Disney Who’s Who Character
    • Peter Pan from Peter Pan

  • A little bit of Walt
    • “You get in, we call them ‘gag sessions.’ We get in there and toss ideas around. And we throw them in and put all the minds together and come up with something and say a little prayer and open it and hope it will go.”- Walt Disney

  • Coming next week: Dapper Days at Disney!
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