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On the Road with Mickey #91 – WDW 50th Anniversary Recap

October 11, 2021
WDW 50th Anniversary RecapSeason 2, Episode 41 – WDW 50th Anniversary Recap

WDW 50th Anniversary Recap

Hey everyone, I’m Mike, she’s Sophie, and that’s Brenda, and we’re On the Road with Mickey! This is Season 2, Episode 41 for October 11, 2021, and today we’re going over our WDW 50th Anniversary Recap. Today’s podcast is a look back at our trip to Walt Disney World for the 50th anniversary. We had a lot of fun things happen, as well as some things we weren’t as excited about. Have a listen, and let us know in the comments what you think! Now, here’s the rundown of what we talked about:

  • Updates from last week:
    • Regarding Ride it…or Skip it:
      • Cindy writes: The only ones I really skip are the rides that make me sick to my stomach.
      • Lauren wrote: I always skip Dinosaur. It scared me as a child and I can’t get over it
      • Sheila said: I know this is a crowd favorite but l say Space Mountain. It messes with my vertigo.
      • Pam said: “I skip all of Dinoland”

  • Cheddar from the Big Cheese
    • Sophie: Just a reminder that the Muppet Haunted Mansion premiered on Disney+ on October 8th! If you haven’t seen it, go check it out and let us know what you think of it!
    • Mike: Also on Disney+, the Book of Boba Fett will make it’s long awaited debut on Disney + on December 29th!
    • Brenda: The Galactic Starcruiser can be booked by the general public on 10/28/21. This 2-night adventure starts at $749 per night per person ($5,999 for a family of 4) and will be bookable through September 2022 to start.

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  • This Day in Disney History for October 4

  • Disney Who’s Who Character
    • Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast

  • A little bit of Walt
    • “We have always tried to be guided by the basic idea that, in the discovery of knowledge, there is great entertainment – as, conversely, in all good entertainment there is always some grain of wisdom, humanity, or enlightenment to be gained.” ~ Walt Disney

  • Coming next week: Better at Disneyland…or Better at Walt Disney World?
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