On the Road with Mickey

On the Road with Mickey

Season 2, Episode 36 – Planning for a Holiday

September 06, 2021

Season 2, Episode 36 - Planning for a Holiday!

Planning for a Holiday

Hey everyone, I'm Mike, she's Sophie, and that's Brenda, and we're On the Road with Mickey! This is Season 2, Episode 36 for September 6, 2021, and our feature topic today is Planning for a Holiday. For today's podcast, which falls this year on Labor Day here in the US, we are talking about our tips for things you need to consider as you tackle Walt Disney World during a holiday. As always, we want to hear from you. What are your tips and tricks? Let us know in the comments! Now, here's the rundown of what we talked about:

* Updates from last week:* In the Facebook Group, the things that people wanted to do most in the Never Have I Ever category are the behind the scenes tours when they are back!* Brenda’s guests left us a great comment on what the Cast Members are looking for to be chosen to be the Grand Marshall of the Parade: * What they’ve told us is that they look for:* 1. People without little kids. They typically don’t pick kids because of the time commitment. It takes about 2-4 hours.* 2. Leisurely stroll into the park. We stop at Starbucks to get a drink and take in Main Street before entering the park.* 3. Show the Disney spirit! We typically wear matching shirts, ears and sometimes shoes too.* 4. The last time we were picked he followed us from Main Street to the Haunted Mansion (it was his favorite ride). We’ve had different people pick us each time. * Cheddar from the Big Cheese* Mike: Walt Disney World Annual Passes will be going back on sale starting September 8th! They have 4 types of passes, three of which are for Florida Residents or DVC Members only. The fourth pass, known as the Disney Incredi-pass, is open to everyone and is the most expensive at $1,299 + tax per person. * Brenda: A couple of things of note -- some of the Club Level lounges are reopening! The lounge at Animal Kingdom Lodge is now open, the Royal Palm Club at the Grand Floridian opens on September 16, the BoardWalk Resort is September 23rd, and the Contemporary is September 26th. Other Club Level lounges will open beyond that.* Brenda: Also, Disney Cruise Line is offering up to 25% off on select sailings in September, October, and November. Reach out to us if you want to look into pricing.* Sophie: A couple of weeks ago at Animal Kingdom Park, Azizi and Gino, two western lowland gorillas, gave birth to their first daughter. Well, the troop themselves revealed their name -- Ada (pronounced Ah-duh) -- which means first daughter. This is appropriate because this is Azizi’s first daughter she’s had. You may be able to see them at the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail, where they have been seen bonding. Here is the YouTube link that talks about this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9k-UyMFSTA* Connect with us! Here’s how: * Facebook: https://facebook.ontheroadwithmickey.com* Facebook Group: https://facebookgroup.ontheroadwithmickey.com* YouTube: On the Road with Mickey (Don't forget to subscribe, like the videos, and comment!)* Instagram: On the Road with Mickey* Email: info@ontheroadwithmickey.com* Phone Voicemail: 919-799-8390* Feature Topic: Planning for ...