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On the Road with Mickey

On the Road with Mickey #77 – Red, White, & Disney

July 05, 2021
Red, White, & DisneySeason 2, Episode 27 – Red, White, & Disney

Red, White, & Disney

Hey everyone, I’m Mike, she’s Sophie, and that’s Brenda, and we’re On the Road with Mickey! This is Season 2, Episode 27 for July 5, 2021, and our feature topic today is Red, White, & Disney.Today we are taking a look at all the ways that Disney shows it’s patriotic spirit. Here’s our rundown of what we talked about:

  • Cheddar from the Big Cheese
    • Brenda: Disney released a sneak peek of the newly reimagined rooms at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. These incredibly Incredibles-themed rooms are so beautiful. I love them!
    • Sophie: Say hello to the new Masai giraffe calf, born at Animal Kingdom on June 10! He was a big boy, over six feet tall and over 183 pounds!
    • Mike: Lost in the shuffle just a little bit with all the new changes that are coming to Walt Disney World (as we reported last week), we didn’t mention that on June 17th, it was official: All of the Disney Parks around the world were reopened for the first time in 17 months!

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  • Feature Topic: Red, White, & Disney
    • All the ways that Disney goes above and beyond when it comes to showing their Patriotic Spirit
      • Flag raising and lowering ceremonies
      • Hall of Presidents and Liberty Square
      • American Adventure Pavilion
      • Voices of Liberty
      • Sam Eagle and the Regal Eagle Restaurant
      • Main Street, U.S.A.
      • Carousel of Progress
      • Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln at Disneyland
      • July 3rd and 4th Fireworks at Epcot and Magic Kingdom
      • MuppetVision 3D
      • Mission:SPACE
      • Liberty Square Riverboat
      • Tom Sawyer Island
      • Sailing Ship Columbia
      • WDW Railroad and Disneyland Railroad
      • Shades of Green Military resort and Military tickets
      • Training videos during WW2
      • Walt Disney’s WW2 propaganda cartoons
      • Walt’s involvement with the American Ambulance Corps (part of the Red Cross)
      • American foods of WDW

  • This Day in Disney History for July 5

  • Disney Who’s Who Character
    • Dodger from Oliver & Company

  • A little bit of Walt
    • “Actually, if you could see close in my eyes, the American flag is waving in both of them and up my spine is glowing this red, white, and blue stripe.” ~ Walt Disney

  • Coming next week: Our favorite Disney Pre-Shows
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