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On the Road with Mickey

Season 2, Episode 24 – Brenda’s WDW Recap!

June 14, 2021

Season 2, Episode 24 - Brenda's WDW Recap!

Brenda's WDW Recap!

Hey everyone, I'm Mike, she's Sophie, and that's Brenda, and we're On the Road with Mickey! This is Season 2, Episode 24 for June 14, 2021, and our feature topic today is Brenda's WDW Recap! Today we are hearing all about Brenda's trip, along with comparisons between how things were for her last trip as opposed to this trip! So, if you have a trip planned, this may be full of great information for you! Grab a drink, relax, and join us as we talk about all the things that we came up with! Here's our rundown of what we talked about:

* Cheddar from the Big Cheese* Sophie: ‘Ohana at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is re-opening July 9; booking available June 10!* Brenda: ‘Ohana reopening is good -- changing the menu like they did...not so much.* Mike: There was an accident on the Skyliner on June 8th -- no injuries and all is good now from what I’m reading.* Connect with us! Here’s how: * Facebook: https://facebook.ontheroadwithmickey.com* Facebook Group: https://facebookgroup.ontheroadwithmickey.com* YouTube: On the Road with Mickey (Don't forget to subscribe, like the videos, and comment!)* Instagram: On the Road with Mickey* Email: info@ontheroadwithmickey.com* Phone Voicemail: 919-799-8390* Feature Topic: Brenda's WDW Recap!* Listener Questions:* Jennifer asks: “Are the parks doing the service where you purchase items and they are able to send to your resort without you having to carry the items around yet?”* Diana asks: “Are the lines longer with increased capacity- like back to normal long?”* This Day in Disney History for June 14* Three major attractions open at Disneyland.* Also, on June 9: Happy Birthday Donald Duck! Donald makes his debut on this day in 1934 in the Disney Silly Symphony short “The Wise Little Hen”* Disney Who’s Who Character: * Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty* Walt Disney Quote* “You’ll be a poorer person all your life if you don’t know some of the great stories and great poems.” ~ Walt Disney* Coming Next Week: A Look at Disney Legends* Sponsorship* On the Road with Mickey is sponsored by Pixie Vacations by Mike Ellis and Tech Solutions NC.