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On the Road with Mickey #25 – Vacationing on a Tight Budget

June 22, 2020
Vacationing on a Tight Budget
Episode #25 – Vacationing on a Tight Budget

Hey everyone! I’m Mike, and she’s Sophie, and together we’re On the Road with Mickey. This is episode #25 for June 22, 2020, and today, our feature topic is “Vacationing on a Tight Budget.” We are joined today by our friend Lee from Disleelandia.com, which is a niche Disney fan site focusing on Disney memorabilia! Hop in the car, buckle up your seatbelts, and join us for this week’s podcast! Coming up next is the show rundown. Enjoy!

  • Cheddar from the Big Cheese
    • Hong Kong Disneyland re-opened on June 18!
    • Not a big surprise here, but when Disneyland reopens next month, face masks will be required.
    • Disney is building a new bag check area at Animal Kingdom for entrance to the park. Not sure if they are doing similar work at all of the other parks as well.
    • Disney+ New shows in July:
      • Remember when we talked about Hamilton coming to Disney+? That will premier on July 3rd! Get ready!
      • On Friday, July 17, the program ‘A Pre-Opening Report from Disneyland’ will air on Disney+.

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  • Feature Topic: Vacationing on a Tight Budget
    • Tips for how we can have a great vacation on a small budget
      • When to go
      • Where to stay
      • Budgeting for food
      • Tickets
      • Saving for your trip
      • Should I use a travel agent?

  • This Day in Disney History for June 22
  • Disney Who’s Who Character
  • Walt Disney Quote
  • Next Week: Patriotism at Disney
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As always, thank you for listening. We are having a lot of fun talking Disney, and I’m glad you are enjoying it as well! Remember, you can reach us in many ways — first, by email to info@ontheroadwithmickey.com. Second, you can leave us a voicemail at our voicemail box 919-799-8390. You can also talk to us on our Facebook Page, On the Road with Mickey or in our On the Road with Mickey Group. Feel free to join us! Have a great week, and we’ll be back to talk with you again next week!