On the Road with Mickey

On the Road with Mickey

On the Road with Mickey #11 – When Disney Plans Change

March 17, 2020
When Walt Disney World closes, the world takes notice.
When Disney Plans Change

Hey everyone, I’m Mike, and she’s Sophie, and together, We’re on the road with Mickey! As you know from listening to the show, this week we were scheduled to be broadcasting from Walt Disney World; but with the coronavirus concerns and Covid-19, our plans had to change. So this week, we’re talking about what we do when Disney plans change.

Mostly, we’re watching some Disney+, and listening to Disney music, and talking about what Disney attractions we would be on, things like that. So, this week’s show is shorter than normal, but don’t worry, we’ll be back in force next week with a regular show. Next week’s topic is Disney things to do outside of the parks, and I think you’re really going to enjoy it!

As always, thank you for listening. We are having a lot of fun talking Disney, and I’m glad you are enjoying it as well! Remember, you can reach us in many ways — first, by email to info@ontheroadwithmickey.com. Second, you can leave us a voicemail at our voicemail box 919-799-8390. You can also talk to us on our Facebook Page, On the Road with Mickey or in our On the Road with Mickey Group. Feel free to join us! Have a great week, and we’ll be back to talk with you again next week!