On the Road with Mickey

On the Road with Mickey

On the Road with Mickey #4 – Favorite Quick Service Restaurants

January 27, 2020

Episode 4 – Favorite Quick Service Restaurants

In this week’s On the Road with Mickey, we are talking about our favorite quick service restaurants at Walt Disney World. A little disclaimer, this week is a little short because we’ve been battling with a nasty head cold, so our voice quality is worse than normal as a result. Still, Sophie and I didn’t want to miss a week of recording, and here’s what we talked about.

  • First, Sophie gave an overview of what the Quick Service Dining Plan is — kind of a high-level overview in case anyone wanted to look into adding it for their next Disney vacation.
  • Then, we went around the parks, looking at first the Magic Kingdom, then Epcot, then Animal Kingdom, and finally, Hollywood Studios.
  • After that, Sophie gave her This Day in Disney History segment for January 27th.
  • Lastly, I talked about the Disney Who’s Who character for this week. Can you guess who it is?

Coming up next week in Episode 5, Sophie and I are going to talk some more about the upcoming trip — will you believe that next week we’ll already be into February, and only a little over a month from our trip? So we hope you’ll stop by and give us a listen! Thanks for following us on all of your favorite podcast platforms, and for giving us excitement about the podcast!