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On the NBA Beat Ep. 186: Jason Gallagher: Dallas "Has an Identity" Around Luka Again
November 18, 2023

5:05-6:08: “The second pleasant surprise and the second I said was that Dereck Lively needs to become the second coming of Tyson Chandler. Again, he’s not Tyson Chandler. However, he looks incredible. He looks so good that you actually see some of the def

On the NBA Beat Ep. 185: Alex Kennedy Winds Through the West
October 24, 2023

Alex Kennedy, Chief Content Officer at BasketballNews.com and host of Running Up the Score, a biweekly live sports show airing every Tuesday and Friday night, stops by to wind through the Western Conference just as the league readies for tipoff. The Nugge

On the NBA Beat Ep. 184: Jake Fischer Explores the East
October 20, 2023

Jake Fischer, Yahoo! Sports senior NBA reporter and the author of Built to Lose, makes his fourth appearance to break down the Eastern Conference's biggest storylines as the season approaches. Tune in to hear why he regards the Celtics as favorites, h

On the NBA Beat Ep. 183: Andy Liu on Warriors’ 2023-24: “This Thing Is Tenuous”
October 02, 2023

Andy Liu of the Light Years podcast is back yet again; for a record ninth time, in fact. His task this time? Helping Aaron preview the Golden State Warriors as they attempt to bounce back from a 44-38 campaign in which just six games separated them from 1

On the NBA Beat Ep. 182: "Freedom to Win" Book Special With Ethan Scheiner
September 19, 2023

Enjoy Ethan Scheiner discussing his new book, "Freedom to Win." Here are some highlights: 3:23-6:23: The thing that is so incredible about this story is that it is an unbelievable marriage of politics and sports. That really is the thing that

On the NBA Beat Ep. 181: Sean Highkin: Portland Is "the Perfect Spot" for Jerami Grant
December 12, 2022

In a tightly packed Western Conference, where only a handful of games separate the first- and thirteenth-place teams, Sean Highkin of Rose Garden Report is encouraged by the Portland Trail Blazers start. Specifically, the Blazers have gotten All-Star-cal

On the NBA Beat Ep. 180: Jason Gallagher: “Right Now, The Pieces Don’t Fit” for Mavericks
November 29, 2022

On the heels of a 2022 Western Conference finals berth, the 9-10 Dallas Mavericks are mired in mediocrity despite receiving historically brilliant contributions from superstar point guard Luka Doncic. Emmy Award-winning director Jason Gallagher, now head

On the NBA Beat Ep. 179: Justin Rowan: Donovan Mitchell Provides “Massive Boost for the Cavs”
November 14, 2022

After an 8-1 start to the season that had some prognosticators pegging them as dark horse title contenders, the Cleveland Cavaliers have been hit with the On the NBA Beat curse and have lost their last four games. To help us get into the ins-and-outs of t

On the NBA Beat Ep. 178: Molly Morrison: "It's a New World for Grizzlies Fans"
November 01, 2022

Last season's Memphis Grizzlies announced their arrival by earning the 2nd seed in the Western Conference and with the fifth-youngest roster in the NBA and proven success building through the draft and player development, there's no reason to believe thei

On the NBA Beat Ep. 177: Derek James: "No Idea What [Anthony Edwards'] Ceiling Is"
October 18, 2022

After their 2021-22 season ended with a first-round playoff exit at the hands of the Memphis Grizzlies, the Minnesota Timberwolves retooled by trading for three-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year Rudy Gobert in what many called the most surprising and